Sunday, October 31, 2010

Check it out - Alexis @ Big Mama Style AND Debbie at Pixie & Murphy!

Hello lovelies,

Alexis over at Big Mama Style just featured me as one of her favorite bloggers! I wanted to return the favor - I always enjoy her style (especially her layered looks with boots)!

Seriously, what a cutie.

ETA: I must be very popular today! I can't believe this, but Debbie at Pixie & Murphy also featured me today!

Debbie's newer to the fashion blogging scene - go check out her site, I guarantee you'll love her thoughtful posts and great style.


Debbie said...

Its me!! how cool!!- thankyou for including me. I hope some more people come to look at my little blog!!


Alexis said...

That's because you are awesome! Mutual admiration society, wheeeee! ;)

Rebecca said...

yay, let's admire each other!

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