Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweater Guards, yay!

Last weekend at the clothing swap, one of the swappers specifically brought, for me, this awesome sweater guard (thanks Ingra!)! It has pins rather than clips, so it can be worn on more than just sweaters. I put it on my favorite structured black dress and I think it looks great:

The whole look (pardon dumbface):

I love boot season, because I can start wearing my favorite boots:

Outfit details:
Dress: thrift store
Sweater guards: Free (thanks Ingra!)
Cardigan: Old Navy, 1X, 2008
Knee Socks/trouser socks: gift from Mom
Boots: Miz Mooz, size 10 (they run big!), bought on clearance last year. I feel like their winter 2008 boots ran large in the calves, because I ordered some Miz Mooz boots last month, thinking they would fit because these fit, and they were WAY too small in the calves. I couldn't zip them at all. I'll just have to treat these extra nice so they last a long time.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, that sweater guard is awesome!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I was so stoked to get it - and for free at that!

Monkey said...

I wore my sweater guard today! I love it! I also wore my biker boots with a pretty lace dress...hmmm seems like we have been dressing from the same book!

Rebecca said...

hehe - that's awesome Monkey!

Vanessa said...

I've had a major case of lust for a sweater guard, and this one is particularly fetching. Just adore it, and your blog!

kittehinfurs said...

i <33333 the boots. i've been wanting those miz mooz boots for AGES now! also, love the fact that you're experimenting with shorter hemlines now :)

Anonymous said...

I think I have those boots too! I had to get a bit of elastic put into them by the shoe repair guy, but otherwise, they look exactly the same. I was simply enamored of the row of buttons up the side, so I bought them, even though I couldn't zip them up.

Rebecca said...

Thanks rose! I really like them, though they are a little tight. Where did you get the elastic inserted?

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