Thursday, April 15, 2010

1st anniversary trip to San Diego

Hey lovelies,

Back in February Bob and I celebrated our first anniversary by going to San Diego. We had never been, and it was really fun. Here are some of my outfits from the trip!

Trying out red lipstick:

Dress: Old Navy (old), 1X
Cardigan: Old Navy (old), 1X
Pearl necklaces - $1 bin at farmer's market
Stockings (in lap): American apparel

Worn to explore the USS Midway (which was SO MUCH FUN):

Dress: Old Navy, XL (these run HUGE)
Leggings: Duo maternity 2X (not pregnant mom, just like these leggings)
Cardigan: Target Merona, xxl, old
Flip flops: reef, size 11
Bag: old navy - I love this bag!
circle scarf: american apparel
A lady at a restaurant actually complimented me on this outfit - it was so sweet!

The USS Midway was fascinating!

Creepy art deco-ish clown on the sidewalk:

Yes, please!

Remember astronaut ice cream? They had it at the air and space museum in Balboa park:

It wasn't good at all.

Outfit details:
Jeans: Avenue divine denim, size 20 (they run a size large, I'm normally a 22)
T-shirt: black with tiny pocket, target pure energy size 1 or 2, I don't remember...
Tank underneath: old navy, xl, years old
Yellow cardigan: Target xxl

nice horse...

Enjoying lunch and the older couple at the table next to us offered to take our picture!

Dress: thrifted
Cardigan: target xxl
Leggings: duo
Flip flops: reef
scarf: aa

Balboa park was beautiful!

And we had a great time. Isn't Bob adorable?

I definitely think he is.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Because I have healthy coping mechanisms

Buying stuff because I am stressed out? Totally healthy and normal.

Also, I think, secretly, I've always wanted to be a country western starlet. I think that subconscious desire explains away this recent purchase:

I know, I know, a denim dress? Really getting back to my Georgia roots. But it's cute, and has a full skirt and metallic buttons and the shade of denim is pretty close to chambray, which is so hot right now... so, yeah, I stand by it. Pictures forthcoming when it arrives (if eShakti doesn't cancel it for some reason like they did the last dress I bought. First world problem, that.)

As part of my further retail therapy, I also made my first purchase from a UK retailer - ASOS. I really hope the stuff fits, because returning it won't really be an option:

(in navy). I only hope to rock it HALF as well as the darling definatalie.

I also bought some of their skinny jeans on sale - not knowing what size to buy, I went with the largest, a 26, because I wear a US 22 in jeans, and the size chart recommended a UK 26. Here's hoping :)
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