Sunday, April 11, 2010

Because I have healthy coping mechanisms

Buying stuff because I am stressed out? Totally healthy and normal.

Also, I think, secretly, I've always wanted to be a country western starlet. I think that subconscious desire explains away this recent purchase:

I know, I know, a denim dress? Really getting back to my Georgia roots. But it's cute, and has a full skirt and metallic buttons and the shade of denim is pretty close to chambray, which is so hot right now... so, yeah, I stand by it. Pictures forthcoming when it arrives (if eShakti doesn't cancel it for some reason like they did the last dress I bought. First world problem, that.)

As part of my further retail therapy, I also made my first purchase from a UK retailer - ASOS. I really hope the stuff fits, because returning it won't really be an option:

(in navy). I only hope to rock it HALF as well as the darling definatalie.

I also bought some of their skinny jeans on sale - not knowing what size to buy, I went with the largest, a 26, because I wear a US 22 in jeans, and the size chart recommended a UK 26. Here's hoping :)


Sassy Sarah said...

I soooooo understand you! Shopping is the best therapy for me when I'm stressed out. Indeed... totally healthy :)

neffbot said...

Yes, totally healthy :)

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