Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advent of Dresses, Days 10-12

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Hello lovelies,

Ready for some more of my December of dresses (Dressember?). Days 10-12 of the Advent of Dresses were among my faves - especially once I discovered the awesome cocktail combo for Day 11!

Day Ten: the oddly-fitting Old Navy dresses continue!

Dress: Old Navy 1x from this summer, clearance
Cardigan: Old Navy xxl from last year
Knee Socks: Ozone, my favorite ever, they stay up all day! from a shoe store in Portland (Imelda's)
Boots: You know. My faves. Target Kady, size 11
Brooch: Etsy seller AtlanticAvenue
Fridge: Because fatties love to eat.

Day Eleven: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo! Worn to my company holiday party.

Bob is so darn cute I like to sneak kisses during pictures:

Playing drums - our party was at the EMP in Seattle - a music museum!

Because hydration is important when whiskey is involved:

Dress: thrifted, me-sized!
petticoat: thrifted
shirt: Lane Bryant, YEARS ago, size 14/16
brooch: gift (for myself anyways)
shoes: faryl robin size 11, year ago

Day Twelve: Avenue clearance skirt!

Without the cardigan:

Shirt: Target xxl, years old, tissue weightish
Skirt: Avenue clearance from last month, can't find it on the site anywhere now
Cardigan: Avenue, in store, size 14 (here online)
Boots: you guessed it, Target Kady size 11

This outfit was a trial to wear. The skirt was linen, so a slip was a must, and kept slipping up or down depending on whether I was sitting or walking. The smocking at the waist of the skirt kept puckering horizontally, the shirt would either be tucked in too tight or too loose, the skirt would ride up, then down... Ok, I'll stop whining. It was uncomfortable. But I think it looked cute, I just need to figure out a way to do the skirt with a slip with a tucked in shirt. Tuck the shirt into the slip too? I had it sandwiched between the slip and the skirt and it wasn't really working well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent of Dresses, Days 7-9

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Now we are on to some of my favorites of the advent of dresses project. 2 of these were from a fatshionista sales post, and one is from the charity dinner auction that Bob and I went to.

Your model is 5'9", ~240, 45/40(high waist)/48(jeans waist)/53, a size 1x or 2x in dresses and a solid 22 in jeans.

Day Seven: The vintage dress with actual sleeves!

Dress: sales post!
Belt: target 2xl
boots: Target kady size 11

Here she is again! This is Waffles, our 6 year old pom/schipperke mix. She's a shelter rescue, we've had her for a month and she is AWESOME.

Day Eight: The charity ball!

Closeup of the birdcage veil:

Dress: Kiyonna size 1, no longer available, and getting tighter in the tummy than it was this time last year...
Birdcage veil: I made it! I wore it in my wedding too.
Pearls: gifted at a friend's wedding
shoes: Kathryn Kerrigan, size 11, no longer available but similar ones on
clutch: marimekko from a shop in Portland. Usually I use it as a bag-within-my-purse to hold necessities of the lady hygiene variety. Which is kind of TMI. Sorry.
Husband: adorable in his wedding suit, black tie, and black vans slip-ons. He's 6'3", 280, for those playing at home.

Day Nine: If I had shaved my legs, I would have worn heels instead.

Dress: sales post!
belt: goodwill, brand new
petticoat: thrifted
boots: target, kady, size 11 (I told you I wore these nearly daily)
flower pin: off the jcrew bridesmaid dress of ill fittingness, but a beautiful color!

Closeup, so I'm not headless:

Heels would have given this the retro vibe I was looking for. But it was still a cute dress! I felt cute all day. And, unlike most of my other vintage dresses, this one and the dress from day seven actually fit me in the bust/armpit/shoulder/arms, so I didn't feel like I was stuffed inside of it all day.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent of Dresses Project, Days 4-6

Here be the second post of my Advent of Dresses project.

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Your model is:
5'9", 240 lbs last I checked, about a 1-2x in dresses, a solid 22 in jeans.

Day 4: a desperate attempt to like this dress again

Blue shirt dress: Old Navy plus size 16
Pastel floral belt: off a dress bought via sales post
Leggings (it was cold that day!): duo maternity 2x, from sales post, and seriously the most comfortable bottoms I own. I napped in them later that day.
Boots: the infamous Target Kady boots in brown, size 11
Headband: made from a black headband elastic and a fake flower with the wire stem shortened and wrapped around the band.

closeup of headband:

Day Five: the lane bryant silky dress that I love!!!

Silky awesome dress: Lane Bryant, 14/16, current
Cardigan: Kersh, xl, bought years ago. Very tight, only works with dresses that have no sleeves or are silky.
Regular old black trouser socks
Boots: Target Kady... sensing a trend? I think I've worn these every day for 2 months.
Necklace: urban outfitters years ago, though you can find reasonable facsimiles all over etsy

Day Six: The clingy cheap jersey dress from Old Navy

I'd seriously ditch this dress if it wasn't such a great color. I still may. It just clings in all the wrong places, but it looks great with a variety of belts and cardigans, and wearing a slip underneath helps with the clinging somewhat.

Dress: Old Navy 1x
Cardigan: Target mustard cardigan of love!! xxl
gold and ivory leather belt: target 2xl, current
My feet are cut off, but I'll bet you can guess what boots I'm wearing :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Advent of Dresses Project, or "Dressember", Days 1-3

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Inspired by Lilli over at frocksandfroufrou, I decided a few days into December to wear a different dress every day until the end of the year. I counted in my closet, and I'm fortunate to own 25 dresses (many of which I got through sales posts!), but I only wear about half of those regularly. I decided this would be a good way for me to try out some older or rarely worn dresses again, and to winterize some summer ensembles.

So, here goes - the first three days of my project! Expect about 5 more posts chronicling days 4-18, at which point it will be January and I'll be glad to rewear some of my faves again :)

Your model is:
5'9", 240 lbs last I checked, about a 1-2x in dresses, a solid 22 in jeans.

Day one:

Dress: Speed control via Ross, 1x
Cardigan: Target, merona, xxl (current)
Boots: the beloved Kady boots in black, size 11, Target
headband: by VieModerne on etsy (

Closeup of my awesome face!

Day two:

You can really tell the days that Bob gets home in time to take my pic vs. me having to do it myself with the timer. This is a timer day.

Dress: Avenue, this summer, 18/20. THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRESS EVAR!!!
Boots: Target Kady brown boots, size 11
Cardigan: Target merona xl, few years old

Day three:

I love this ensemble! Usually I don't match my socks to my outfit so visibly, but I thought this was cute and not too much.
Dress: Target merona xl, actually too small, makes my boobs hurt
Tank underneath: old navy xl, years old
Cardigan: Target merona xl, years old
Boots: Luccheses, bought at a real cowboy store in Austin Texas. I am so proud of these boots. Men's size 10.

Has anyone else done something creative to force yourself to wear the clothes that maybe aren't your favorites? Though the dresses above are all faves, you guys will get to see some that I have hardly or never worn, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first OOTDs

So, I wanted to let you all in on a new little obsession of mine. It's the Fatshionista Livejournal community. Lovely people of all shapes and plus sizes post thoughts and ideas, and also pictures of what outfits they have worn and where they got them. I've posted a few OOTDs (that's "outfit of the day" to you) myself, and wanted to cross link them for posterity:

My first OOTD post

OOTD: vintage dress from etsy seller Thrush

That is all.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First post

We are, large people. We are large, people. We are large people.
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