Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent of Dresses, Days 7-9

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Now we are on to some of my favorites of the advent of dresses project. 2 of these were from a fatshionista sales post, and one is from the charity dinner auction that Bob and I went to.

Your model is 5'9", ~240, 45/40(high waist)/48(jeans waist)/53, a size 1x or 2x in dresses and a solid 22 in jeans.

Day Seven: The vintage dress with actual sleeves!

Dress: sales post!
Belt: target 2xl
boots: Target kady size 11

Here she is again! This is Waffles, our 6 year old pom/schipperke mix. She's a shelter rescue, we've had her for a month and she is AWESOME.

Day Eight: The charity ball!

Closeup of the birdcage veil:

Dress: Kiyonna size 1, no longer available, and getting tighter in the tummy than it was this time last year...
Birdcage veil: I made it! I wore it in my wedding too.
Pearls: gifted at a friend's wedding
shoes: Kathryn Kerrigan, size 11, no longer available but similar ones on endless.com
clutch: marimekko from a shop in Portland. Usually I use it as a bag-within-my-purse to hold necessities of the lady hygiene variety. Which is kind of TMI. Sorry.
Husband: adorable in his wedding suit, black tie, and black vans slip-ons. He's 6'3", 280, for those playing at home.

Day Nine: If I had shaved my legs, I would have worn heels instead.

Dress: sales post!
belt: goodwill, brand new
petticoat: thrifted
boots: target, kady, size 11 (I told you I wore these nearly daily)
flower pin: off the jcrew bridesmaid dress of ill fittingness, but a beautiful color!

Closeup, so I'm not headless:

Heels would have given this the retro vibe I was looking for. But it was still a cute dress! I felt cute all day. And, unlike most of my other vintage dresses, this one and the dress from day seven actually fit me in the bust/armpit/shoulder/arms, so I didn't feel like I was stuffed inside of it all day.


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