Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Advent of Dresses Project, or "Dressember", Days 1-3

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Inspired by Lilli over at frocksandfroufrou, I decided a few days into December to wear a different dress every day until the end of the year. I counted in my closet, and I'm fortunate to own 25 dresses (many of which I got through sales posts!), but I only wear about half of those regularly. I decided this would be a good way for me to try out some older or rarely worn dresses again, and to winterize some summer ensembles.

So, here goes - the first three days of my project! Expect about 5 more posts chronicling days 4-18, at which point it will be January and I'll be glad to rewear some of my faves again :)

Your model is:
5'9", 240 lbs last I checked, about a 1-2x in dresses, a solid 22 in jeans.

Day one:

Dress: Speed control via Ross, 1x
Cardigan: Target, merona, xxl (current)
Boots: the beloved Kady boots in black, size 11, Target
headband: by VieModerne on etsy (

Closeup of my awesome face!

Day two:

You can really tell the days that Bob gets home in time to take my pic vs. me having to do it myself with the timer. This is a timer day.

Dress: Avenue, this summer, 18/20. THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRESS EVAR!!!
Boots: Target Kady brown boots, size 11
Cardigan: Target merona xl, few years old

Day three:

I love this ensemble! Usually I don't match my socks to my outfit so visibly, but I thought this was cute and not too much.
Dress: Target merona xl, actually too small, makes my boobs hurt
Tank underneath: old navy xl, years old
Cardigan: Target merona xl, years old
Boots: Luccheses, bought at a real cowboy store in Austin Texas. I am so proud of these boots. Men's size 10.

Has anyone else done something creative to force yourself to wear the clothes that maybe aren't your favorites? Though the dresses above are all faves, you guys will get to see some that I have hardly or never worn, so stay tuned!


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