Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check me out over at Fab Finds Under $50

Kimberly has featured me as one of her looks for her October Outfit Inspiration calendar!

See me in the top row? I'm Tuesday, 10/12 - Red/Turquoise Color Combo!

Kimberly does a fabulous blog, you should totally check her out!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OOTD: what I wore to go to the same neighborhood restaurant/bar FOUR TIMES in one weekend

I ended up at Hi Life, our favorite (obviously) neighborhood restaurant, four times this weekend. Twice on saturday, twice on sunday.

(It's the old fire station for our neighborhood, and those doors are for the horse-drawn carriage fire "trucks" they used way back in the day.

And before you get all judgy, Hi Life really is that good.

For saturday:

Outfit details:
tank top: target, years back
cardigan: target, years back
skirt: thrifted "LBL Knits, 2X". BEST SKIRT EVER. POCKETS! only $5!
Old lady boat shoes: avenue (these are v2.0, I wore the first pair into a dilapidated and funky smelling mess, and found a replacement pair for only $9!)
brooch: Knitting Mill, Chattanooga, TN

For sunday:

It was so warm, I took off my cardigan, exposing the WHOLE WORLD (well, just the bar) to my UNSIGHTLY FAT ARMS! (just kidding, I kinda like 'em. Kidding about unsightly, that is. They are definitely fat :))

Outfit details:
Dress: DIY
Cardigan: Kersh, xl, worn at my wedding (and kind of too small at this point, but I soldier bravely on, continuing to wear it so it keeps stretching with me so I will have it always.... ALWAYS! MWAHAHAHAHA!)
Petticoat: thrifted
boots: target Kaden, recent, size 11
not shown: awesome custom sized bike shorts with lace at the bottom from Allihalla

I tried to get a picture of the bike shorts, but all the pics ended up looking really porny and lookbookish. So I will not post them here (sorry!).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIYdeas: long skirt into a dress

I found this awesome silk(!) skirt (avenue, size 24) at Value Village for $10. I admit $10 is a lot to pay at value village for a skirt, but it was nearly brand new, no stains, and had perfect potential to be turned into a romantic flowy dress - and I feel like ruffly, flowy, cream-colored dresses are really in right now. So I bought it!

Step one in making my dream a reality was taking out the side zip because it would only irritate my armpit. I sewed a french seam on the side, trimmed the zipper out, and in the process, tightened up the skirt a little so it fit around my chest without gaping.

The skirt still wouldn't stay put without straps, so I attempted to add straps to it using some ribbon I had. It didn't go well. I nearly ripped the delicate sheer silk overlay and irreparably damaged the skirt. So I quit and took it to my alterations lady, who made straps out of a cream colored blouse that didn't fit me, and attached them. Gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to call in a professional, etc.

Anyways, I need to find a better bra to wear with it, but I'm super happy with how it turned out!

Paired with my new asos curve lace inset leggings that you will see often this winter:

Outfit details:
Dress: DIY
Leggings: asos curve, size 22
shoes: bc footwear, size 11
locket: gift from husband
bag: garage sale, $3
shades: because it was really hot and sunny on saturday!

A super salacious look at my thigh (aka, more detail on the lace inset):

(plus, can you spot the box o' lens cleaning wipes? Oh the joys of a bespectacled household :))

Monday, September 27, 2010

OOTD: yet another black dress

Looking back over my past few posts, I feel like I've been drawn more to wearing black lately (typically I'm all about color!). Here's another black dress that I wore recently:

Outfit details:
Dress: target xl? ages ago - it's lycra!
Cardigan: 'extended sizes', xxxl
Leggings: duo maternity 2x (not pregnant, just comfy)
flower brooch: off an eshakti dress that I'll show you soon (it's also black)
tom's shoes: so trendy (men's size 10)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Reminder: Seattle Fats Clothing Swap TOMORROW, 9/25, 2pm

banner by the lovely cuppy!

More details, answers to your burning questions, and signup here.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Rainy humid weekend

Talking about weather is such a "small talk" type subject, but can we for a second? Because Seattle got a month's worth of rain this weekend. It kind of sucked.

But other than that, the weekend was awesome! My husband's mom came to visit us and we had such a great time! I won't post pictures of her because, hey, this is my blog and she may not want to be featured on the internets. But I will show you what I wore for a miraculous 3 hour break from the rain, wherein we took a boat cruise.

Outfit details:
Dress: from fremont vintage mall, no size listed. Don't you love the pleats and the way it makes the skirt fall?
floral leggings: dorothy perkins, size 22, from a fatshionista sales post
boots: target kaden boot, size 11

I love the dress because it's so versatile, it's a good length, it has the awesome pleating that makes it seem just a little dressier than my other black dresses (of which I have, ahem, quite a few), and it was mega cheap and from a vintage store that doesn't technically sell plus sized clothing. See what trying everything on will get you? An awesome dress. That's what.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some cool pictures of cool things in cool weather

This past week was super busy but fun! I also wore fashionable clothing and didn't take any pictures of it.

Nametag bear wants hugs!

We went to see The National at marymoor park:

(note: band not included, I didn't take any pics while they were on :))

It was cold there, so I coopted bob's hoodie.

I was in San Francisco for work this week.

Rubber duckies in the fountain of the Hotel Triton in SF:

Cool... structure? Near my hotel in SF:

I hope you all had fabulous weeks!

Friday, September 10, 2010

wearelargepeople world domination, phase 2

Hey folks,

I'm now the proud owner of "" and have replicated my blog over there. and your RSS links should still work fine, so you can keep enjoying the same quality content (ha!) no matter how you choose to access it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Target find: wide calf boots

I think rainy season may be upon us, so I was pretty excited when I found these boots at Target that fit my calves!

I'm all for fake leather boots, as you well know from my publicized love affair with the Target Kady boot from last season (just check ANY early post from me and chances are I'm wearing them). These boots aren't made from as convincing a pleather as the Kady boot, but I'm still pleased with them. They are comfortable once you get them on (getting them on was a little difficult) and have already started to stretch out a little in the shaft, making them even more comfy. I love the buckle details the most.

Mmm, buckly:

You can't tell, but they have an exposed metal zipper in the back that I love - it adds some visual interest when walking away (well, other than my awesome backside).

Outfit details:
Dress: Target size 2, modified
Boots: Target, mentioned above
Cardigan: also Target. Whoa, I am totally a Target shill today.
Locket: from husband
Leather patchwork purse: garage sale, $3

Monday, September 6, 2010

Taking the blue: Pax Prime 2010

This long weekend was spent geeking out as we volunteered at PAX Prime. A little know fact (ok, not that little known) is that my husband and I are huge geeks. Dorks, even. So when we moved to Seattle last year we sort of jumped at the chance to be local to one of the largest gaming conventions in the US.

(zombie makeover station to promote a new game)

(Awesome and life-sized Halo exhibit)

(A PAX tradition: sumo bean bags)

(Bob playing an adorable new game starring Lego people!)

(obligatory R2D2 shot, except this one has 10+ integrated game systems!)

(Bob rolling a massive foam 10-sided dice (die?) at the Dungeons & Dragons bus)

(I'm... not sure what this is, but it was a perfect photo opp!)

(Getting my super mario bros on)

(waiting in line to spin a wheel for free stuff, holding my inflatable bloody sword that was a giveaway from another booth)

(Ok, I know this picture is blurry, but behind me? Is a TRON. LIGHT. CYCLE. !.)

We had such a great time! Can't wait until next year!
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