Monday, September 6, 2010

Taking the blue: Pax Prime 2010

This long weekend was spent geeking out as we volunteered at PAX Prime. A little know fact (ok, not that little known) is that my husband and I are huge geeks. Dorks, even. So when we moved to Seattle last year we sort of jumped at the chance to be local to one of the largest gaming conventions in the US.

(zombie makeover station to promote a new game)

(Awesome and life-sized Halo exhibit)

(A PAX tradition: sumo bean bags)

(Bob playing an adorable new game starring Lego people!)

(obligatory R2D2 shot, except this one has 10+ integrated game systems!)

(Bob rolling a massive foam 10-sided dice (die?) at the Dungeons & Dragons bus)

(I'm... not sure what this is, but it was a perfect photo opp!)

(Getting my super mario bros on)

(waiting in line to spin a wheel for free stuff, holding my inflatable bloody sword that was a giveaway from another booth)

(Ok, I know this picture is blurry, but behind me? Is a TRON. LIGHT. CYCLE. !.)

We had such a great time! Can't wait until next year!


Tricotaine said...

Ok I came here for fashion but whoohoo PAX and Eye of the Beholder. God I played that game so much *snif* nostalgia

neffbot said...

yay! I had so much fun there, it was a blast!

Jared said...

That's a D8! And one is a die. /Troll.

Nice pictureset! I'll be posting mine soon.

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