Monday, October 31, 2011

Real quick: I'm selling some of my clothings

Hi all - if you want a piece of this (this being my closet), head on over to my sales post! I'm selling lots of things, many of which have been pictured here. Like this dress:

If you see something you like, leave a comment here or there.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reader question: Your favorite piece of clothing?

Hello readers!

I must admit, I've been leaning more towards the comfortable side of my closet lately. Whenever I want to look presentable but still be comfortable, I reach for this cotton sundress that I got at Avenue years ago:

It's starting to wear out, but I still love it and it's one of my favorites because of its longer length, the fact that it is cotton and more comfortable to me than synthetic fabrics, and because the subtle pattern makes it match lots of different cardigans.

So I wanna know - do any of you have a favorite piece of clothing? Why do you like it?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

OOTD: new winter coat

Thanks everyone for your responses on my last post! From the responses, it sounds like you all appreciate replies to your comments, which is great, because I really enjoy replying to your comments! So we'll keep this crazy comment train going.

I've been looking for a wool coat with a hood for awhile, since my awesome green toggle coat from Target went to that great hall closet in the sky. Simply Be was having a sale, so I grabbed this great basic camel-colored coat and it came in the mail last week.

It's a little boxy, but the hood fits nicely, and it has these fur bobbles at the ends of the hood ties that are super fun.

Unfortunately, all the buttons fell off within an evening of wearing the coat. What the heck, Simply Be? Lack of quality control? Buttons are easy to sew back on though, in fact, I may replace the buttons with some vintage ones from my stash. Because I'm hip like that. I think I'm also going to sew some lace around the bottom to give it some extra length.

Outfit details:
Coat: Simply Be
hat: target, 2010
mittens: I forget!
scarf: nordstrom

Have any of you found amazing winter coats recently? Do tell! Perhaps you've had better luck with the button-sewing quality than I have?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Question for my dear readers: do you like it when I reply to your comments?

Hello lovelies!

Since I installed disqus a few months back, I've really enjoyed being able to reply to each comment!

But, I wanted to ask the commenters out there - do you come back by and read the reply to your comment? Are you sad if you don't get a reply?

I must admit that often I don't get around to revisiting posts on other blogs that I've commented on to see if there's been a reply to my comment. So that got me thinking - should I reply to every comment or use that time to do other bloggy things?

What do you think?

Friday, October 14, 2011

OOTD: A dress from my readers!

Hey there!

Remember back a few weeks ago when I shared an eShakti discount code with y'all? (it's $20 off your purchase with the code WALP0811). When I shared it, I also let everyone know that I get $10 in eShakti credit whenever anyone uses the code.

And you guys really used that code! (which is good until 10/31/11, btdubs).

You used it so much that I was able to buy this dress with the credit!

So, thank you! Because this is my new favorite dress!

It was actually pretty cold out, so I had to layer up!

Outfit details:
Dress: eShakti, no longer in stock
cardigan: alloy, 2009
scarf: nordstrom, 2010
boots: target, 2010 (they are falling apart but I love them!)

Y'all are the bestest! Thank you!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

OOTD: teriyaki and dreary weather

Hello lovelies,

This dress is the twin to the black dress from the last post. I like it a lot! The print reminds me of pearl necklaces. Yes, I'm aware of what urban dictionary says that means. No, I didn't have to look it up after someone giggled when I said "pearl necklace" out loud the other day.


Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy, 2010
Yellow peeps: target spring 2011
bag: latico, years back

Get used to more indoors pictures as the weather has turned to pacific northwestern drear.

It'll all be okay. I've got my trusty "touch side of hair" pose to get us through these next few months. :)

What do you all do to combat relentless dreary weather? I use a sun lamp and it REALLY helps.

ps: I know I'm wearing sunglasses in these pics. I think it was actually sunny the day these were taken, but it's been mostly dreary, I promise!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OOTD: house hunter extraordinaire

Hello lovelies,

Posts have been light on the ground here because we were house hunting like mad house hunters (I'm no good with analogies). The house hunting was mad. MAD, I TELL YOU.

The good news is that we actually found a place last week! Eek! The past few days have been a mad dash starting the process towards buying it! Now I understand terminology like "locking in" mortgage rates, amortization, fixed rates, escrow, etc.. I'm not sure if I'm glad about this newfound understanding, but I am really excited about our new house!

Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy, 2010
Locket: gift from brother and sister in law
yellow-peep-toes: Target

I never wanted to buy a house, but it was so difficult to find a new apartment with reasonable rent in a neighborhood we like, I started looking at houses. And we found one!

So, I present to you one stressed but excited first time homeowner:

A big part of this process has been learning to deal with stress and anticipation. I get stomach aches when I get really stressed out, so this week has been full of chamomile tea and star trek: next gen (well, most weeks are full of next gen, who am I kidding) as I try to relax in the evenings!

What do you all do to relax when stressful things are happening that are mostly out of your control?
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