Sunday, October 23, 2011

OOTD: new winter coat

Thanks everyone for your responses on my last post! From the responses, it sounds like you all appreciate replies to your comments, which is great, because I really enjoy replying to your comments! So we'll keep this crazy comment train going.

I've been looking for a wool coat with a hood for awhile, since my awesome green toggle coat from Target went to that great hall closet in the sky. Simply Be was having a sale, so I grabbed this great basic camel-colored coat and it came in the mail last week.

It's a little boxy, but the hood fits nicely, and it has these fur bobbles at the ends of the hood ties that are super fun.

Unfortunately, all the buttons fell off within an evening of wearing the coat. What the heck, Simply Be? Lack of quality control? Buttons are easy to sew back on though, in fact, I may replace the buttons with some vintage ones from my stash. Because I'm hip like that. I think I'm also going to sew some lace around the bottom to give it some extra length.

Outfit details:
Coat: Simply Be
hat: target, 2010
mittens: I forget!
scarf: nordstrom

Have any of you found amazing winter coats recently? Do tell! Perhaps you've had better luck with the button-sewing quality than I have?


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