Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OOTD: house hunter extraordinaire

Hello lovelies,

Posts have been light on the ground here because we were house hunting like mad house hunters (I'm no good with analogies). The house hunting was mad. MAD, I TELL YOU.

The good news is that we actually found a place last week! Eek! The past few days have been a mad dash starting the process towards buying it! Now I understand terminology like "locking in" mortgage rates, amortization, fixed rates, escrow, etc.. I'm not sure if I'm glad about this newfound understanding, but I am really excited about our new house!

Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy, 2010
Locket: gift from brother and sister in law
yellow-peep-toes: Target

I never wanted to buy a house, but it was so difficult to find a new apartment with reasonable rent in a neighborhood we like, I started looking at houses. And we found one!

So, I present to you one stressed but excited first time homeowner:

A big part of this process has been learning to deal with stress and anticipation. I get stomach aches when I get really stressed out, so this week has been full of chamomile tea and star trek: next gen (well, most weeks are full of next gen, who am I kidding) as I try to relax in the evenings!

What do you all do to relax when stressful things are happening that are mostly out of your control?


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