Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome September, and a new layout to celebrate!

I'm back from my break! I scaled mountains (in my car) and went on international (well, canadian) adventures and traveled by rail (to Canada!) and enjoyed my time off immensely!

And now, to celebrate September, I now have a beautiful blog makeover! We're all about style and beauty here, and my poor blogger template blog was feeling a little unsnazzy. But not any more! Rachele (the Nearsighted Owl her very self) was such a dear and completely revamped my blog for me!

Please go check her out, she is amazingly stylish AND a great designer. If you are interested in a blog makeover of your own, talk to Rachele, because you will be super impressed with her!

I just love my new layout. Be ready, because I'm probably going to talk about it more, and point out new things (like the cool stuff on the left sidebar, my new "about me" section, etc.).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A birthday and a summer blog break

Hi lovelies,

This is the face of a newly-31 year old.

(ok, half a face)

Also, summer weather has arrived in Seattle, so I'm going to take the next month away from the blog to enjoy myself and improve my speed Scrabble technique:

(as you can tell, I'm already quite advanced at using Q)

I hope you all have a great August! See you soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Real quick: check me out in Kimberly's August inspiration calendar

August Badge

Do you need some inspiration on what to wear for the month of August? Kimberly over at Fab Finds Under $50 puts together a monthly calendar with outfit ideas, and I'm pleased as punch to be included this month!

I'm the look of the day for 8/20 - "solid dress with a statement necklace"

Kimberly's blog is pretty fantastic - full of polyvore sets and reader questions and ideas for how to achieve great looks for less moolah. Go check her out!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Threading, sweating, wrinkles

Hello lovelies.

Does anyone else out there get threading done? I discovered it a few years ago when I lived in the San Francisco area and it's become a favorite way to get my brows and lip done for a few reasons:
  • I have really sensitive skin and the application of almost ANY ointment or soothing cream or wax or sugar leaves me with tons of tiny pimples.
  • It's usually cheaper than waxing or sugaring.

    On the downside:
  • Threading usually only lasts me 2-3 weeks before there is regrowth, whereas with waxing or sugaring I tend to get about 4-5 weeks before the return of the hairs.
  • Though I've heard otherwise, for me at least, threading hurts worse than waxing or sugaring. It's about on par with tweezing, but magnified since lots of hairs get ripped out at once. It always leaves me sweaty and with tears streaming down my face!

    I hadn't been able to find a place to do it here in Seattle until recently, but yesterday I tried out a place at the local mall and was super pleased with the results!

    (not that you can really see them in this picture!)

    Also, I just wanted to add that I don't believe hair removal is necessary for a woman to be "womanly". I don't find facial hair on women to be freakish or unsightly, and I believe in body autonomy - i.e., everyone gets to decide what they do with their own bodies! For me, brow shaping and lip hair removal is a way that I pamper myself and provide self care, but it definitely isn't this mandatory thing that all women need to "take care of" in order to be beautiful.

    I'm all wrinkly because it was HOT and because threading - pain sweat.
    (outfit details: shirt and cardigan: old navy, skinnies: torrid "source of wisdom", platform sandals: target)

    Another thing I've discovered, to get real for a mo', is that I'm getting hairier as I move into my 30s. The past 2 years have seen a marked increased in the amount and dark color of hair on my face and body - it's actually kind of fascinating (in a discovery-channel-documentary kind of way) to see how my body is changing, and how rapid some of those changes can be!

    My friend Stephanie called me up a few years ago to talk about this concept of aging, and introduced me to the Japanese term wabi sabi. Basically, without appropriating the rich meaning behind this philosophy, wabi sabi is about accepting imperfection and transience. Steph and I talked about it in the context of not getting plastic surgery (not that there's anything wrong with that - remember, body autonomy and respect for folks to make their own choices!), but I wonder sometimes if hair removal is somehow violating this idea of accepting imperfection and celebrating the changes our bodies move through as we age.

    What do y'all think? Do you have any favorite hair removal rituals? Or do you feel like women shouldn't have to remove their body hair? Do you feel slightly conflicted, like I do?
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