Friday, August 5, 2011

Real quick: check me out in Kimberly's August inspiration calendar

August Badge

Do you need some inspiration on what to wear for the month of August? Kimberly over at Fab Finds Under $50 puts together a monthly calendar with outfit ideas, and I'm pleased as punch to be included this month!

I'm the look of the day for 8/20 - "solid dress with a statement necklace"

Kimberly's blog is pretty fantastic - full of polyvore sets and reader questions and ideas for how to achieve great looks for less moolah. Go check her out!


Amber Elfrink said...

That's awesome! I just recently got a few new dealings with my photography work, and it's an awesome feeling of achievement when others notice what you do and share it with others! So congratz ^_^

Velvet Tangerine said...

I swear you are the cutest thing. I love this outfit!

Rachele said...

I do love you in that dress!

Rebecca said...

Amber - thanks so much!

Velvet - awww, thank you!

Rachele - thanks :)

mika said...

hi,your blog and photos are so nice
i hope you can visit me at:

Catherine said...

You look lovely! I just adore your blog. You really inspire me.

So often I find myself wearing simple and sort of drab outfits because I don't want to be noticed. Reading your blog made me realize that I can show aspects of myself in what I wear and to just be brave and be myself. Thank you for that.

love, C

Rebecca said...

Wow Catherine - your comment made my day! Thank you!

Jenny said...

Very nice.

Sarah Anne said...

Really, really pretty. I'm in love with that colour! :)


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