Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday* Links

Hello lovelies!

Some links for you today:

Sal talks about one of my core tenets - you get to decide what looks good on you - no one else does

Apparently this stuff is amazing for getting stains out of clothing (I can't believe I find this exciting enough to blog about, but srsly, oil stains? the worst.) via notmartha

Is anyone else out there totally "meh" about Facebook? I try to get into it, but I think I'm just too lazy to really use it very often. Their recent changes seem to have people up in arms though!

We're house-shopping (eek!). Houses are, apparently, a LOT of work.

Go check out what Ragen is up to - she's amazing and taking her awesomeness on tour!

I hope you are all having an amazing week so far!

*Thursday links may or may not be posted on Thursdays. This time they are! yay!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey new followers from my guest post!

To my already-reading-readers: I did a guest post over at the Blogger Buzz blog on tips for new bloggers - feel free to check it out!

And to everyone that's made their way here from that post: welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to poke around - there's a list of my most popular posts over to the left and down, and there's more about me in the aptly named "about me" section - just click on my picture to the left!

And if you're interested in working with me virtually or in person, just drop me an email!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sneak Peek: new Virtual Stylist packages available!

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to let you know that I'm fixin' (there's my Southern roots) to launch a new set of virtual style services! Why? Because I'd love to work with anyone in the US, UK, or Canada who wants to revamp their style!

I'm telling all of you wonderful readers first because you are wonderful and delicate flowers! And I'd love for you to be the first to try out these new packages! Exclamation points!

So, where can you find out about these new hotnesses, which include style coaching via video chat, "virtual shopping buddy" services, and more?

Right here!

Also, keep in mind that blog readers get 15% off!

*this heavy-on-the-excitement post has been sponsored by caffeine.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OOTD: Let's talk about Talbot's

Let's talk about Talbots, shall we? This store used to conjure up images of structured, shoulder-padded, double-breasted, 80's pantsuits, unfortunate elastic waist situations, and that vibe that Lane Bryant used to put out - which was that, even if you were a 20-something, you had to dress like you were much older if you were fat. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about? Unfortunate stirrup-pant choices abounded.

But as I was putting together an Emergency Outfit Assistance package the other day for a client*, I began to take notice of Talbot's for a different reason - they actually had stylish and appealing pieces! No one is more shocked than I, I'm sure.

Anyways, I found lots of great stuff there! Especially in their sale section, which is the only place I'd shop given how high their prices normally are.

And one of the things I found I just had to have for myself - this pale green cardigan. It was marked down further - it was only $22 when I bought it, but is back up to $44 now. It is luxurious. It is so much better than any cardigan I've ever bought at Target. It's natural fibers, people! NATURAL FIBERS! Put that in your pipe and smoke it and it will actually burn instead of melt. That's what I am saying.

oh cardigan that is superior in every way, hold me

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Talbots
Eyelet Dress: H&M Inclusive (courtesy of my UK insider, Claire)
Leggings: duo maternity, but they ripped in the crotch so I have to replace them and I can't find them anywhere!
boots: payless

Has a brand ever surprised you? It's rare that I get something that I've ordered in the mail and I'm this excited. Tell me that I am normal in the comments. Or that I'm abnormal, that's okay too. I have been spending a lot of time alone lately.

*which I could do for you, too! Interested? Email me!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I've been enjoying lately

Summer's winding down. Here are a few things I've been enjoying lately.

This gigantic scale was in the hugest bathroom ever at the Macy's in downtown Seattle. The bathroom was seriously like a temple to consumerism and restroom comfort.

We went to a drive-in movie last weekend - I had never been to one before! The snack bar was straight 60s.

I've never seen a coke dispenser this old:

The cups barely fit underneath it!

I've been carrying my really nice bag lately - all leather, supple and buttery soft. I got it years back. I'm also not the only one who's a fan of it.

How are y'all winding down your summer? I'm sad it is over. Though I'm glad to be breaking out my boots again!

Real quick: eShakti $20 code extended to 10/31/2011

So if you are lusting after something eShakti, now you have longer to shop for it!

Just use the referral code WALP0811 for $20 off!*

Here are some of my favorites right now:

eShakti wishlist

*I get $10 off at eShakti every time this code is used.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Real quick: gigantic bun is gigantic

I really want to cut my hair. You know, when you spend so long growing it out, then finally one day, it's like "ENOUGH! I MUST CUT THIS!"? Well, last time I did that, I really hated the results.

So I'm trying to keep myself interested in my long hair by trying out new hairdos. I present to you: Gigantic Bun.

I used one of the many bun sock tutorials out there (here's one), though I took each piece and pinned it in place one at a time. Also, I didn't use a sock :) - I used an old pair of bike shorts rolled up into a donut, because I wanted a GIGANTIC bun, not a sock-sized bun.

Edit: I just looked again at the thing I used inside my bun... I thought it was bike shorts, but I ended up using a tank top rolled into a donut :). See, I don't really know what I do with myself all the time. I'm a free spirit. A confused free spirit.

In fact, I barely had enough hair to do it:

o hai i see u

Here's what I wore to accompany the gigantic bun:

dress and cardigan: forever 21
black flats:

Have any of you been bitten by the short hair bug? Or grown out your hair for years just to lop it all off? Do tell!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Need a style boost?

Hello lovelies!

I have openings in my September schedule for new clients, and would love to work with you as your virtual stylist! My Emergency Outfit Assistance package is the perfect way to give your style a boost as we head into fall.

a face you can trust

More about the Emergency Outfit Assistance package:

Do you have a hot date, a charity dinner, an important interview, a vacation, or another special event, but you have no idea where to shop or what to wear? Even if there's no special event and you just want to give your style a boost, I would love to help!

Just drop me an email and I can put together 3-5 looks for you, complete with shoes and accessories. Then you can choose the outfit that's best for you! I can also help find a single piece, such as a pair of knee-high boots that will fit a wide calf, etc. I love a challenge, and I love to help!

Emergency Outfit Assistance is conducted via email only - no in-person meeting is needed, so it can work for anyone, anywhere! Prices start at $60 for 3-5 looks or a 7-10 variations of a "special challenge" item.

Drop me an email or just leave me a comment with your email address if you're interested! And remember, blog readers get 15% off, so this package is only $51!

Ok, that was a LOT of exclamation points. But I am very excited. So I think they were justified.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Product review: eShakti gold maxi dress

Hello lovelies,

eShakti approached me a few months ago about doing a product review for them. I didn't want to tell them that I'm already a pretty avid fan, since I have lots of their dresses already. I was afraid they'd rescind their generous offer!

But I told them anyways :). And they still wanted to send me a piece of my choosing.

I think I chose well, no?

This dress - it's just about everything I wanted in a maxi dress:

  • It's 100% cotton jersey - and a thick jersey, one that doesn't wrinkle or rumple and isn't sheer, so I can wear whatever bra I want, thankyouverymuch.
  • It doesn't have narrow straps.
  • It has a fuller skirt.
  • It's yellow! My favorite color ever!
  • It's long enough!

    As with all eShakti items that I own, it is impeccably constructed. Very sturdy. It was a little big, so I washed it on hot and tumble dried it on hot as well, and it still looks great without a single loose thread on it.

    It has a great thick tie-back that makes a bridesmaidesque bow in the back.

    Now for the honest bit: ordering from eShakti used to be hit-or-miss, but I think they've worked out their issues, and I've had nothing but good ordering experiences with them lately.

  • Sometimes they are, ummm, overzealous? in their fabric choices? Like, they pick a really nice and thick poplin to make a lot of their dresses, and sometimes it makes them stiffer than you'd expect a sundress to be, for example. But I'd rather a company err on the side of better construction and more durable fabric than flimsiness.
  • Also, sometimes their site goes down (when I initially wrote this post, I couldn't get it to load, for example).
  • Sometimes their customer service is unresponsive, like when an item is out of stock and I have a question about when it will be back in stock... sometimes those questions are never answered.

    But! I have, I think, 6 eshakti dresses? Maybe? It could be more. I get compliments on all of them every time I wear them out.

    Their differentiation point is that all of their pieces are customizable (sleeves, neckline, length, etc.). Their sizes run from 0 to 26W and it's the same price no matter what size (which I love, because it makes me feel welcome).

    So, all in all, I'm super pleased with this awesome new dress!

    Also, it's the first piece of clothing I've ever gotten completely free just because I write this here blog! So that was a trip.

    But enough about me. Would you like to get in on this eShakti action? They've offered me a promo code for my blog readers - that's you! It's WALP0811. You'll get $20 off your order**, but it's only valid till 15th September, 2011, so get cracking!

    - I wanted to note, for my international readers, that they only ship to the US and Canada at this time.

    *eShakti did not pay me in any way for this review, other than to provide the dress for free!
    **I'll get $10 for every time this code is used.
  • Thursday, September 1, 2011

    OOTD: belated birthday

    Hello lovelies!

    Back in early August I had a birthday! I was also on a blogging break. So I saved these outfit pictures for today.

    The umbrella? Is courtesy of a mai tai. A birthday mai tai with a delicious brandied cherry from my favorite local bar King's Hardware.

    Outfit details:
    dress: Evans cotton prom dress
    shoes and bag: target

    What you can't see is, underneath, there's a big old nasty bandage from my final tattoo session for my leg piece. Yep, that's right, I went and got tattooed and then went to a bar in a fancy dress. I know, alcohol isn't good for tattoo healing. I know. (but it healed fine, actually).

    I hope you are all enjoying the last of sundress weather! Though I plan to wear this particular sun dress year-round with some cardigan and boot action.
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