Sunday, September 4, 2011

Product review: eShakti gold maxi dress

Hello lovelies,

eShakti approached me a few months ago about doing a product review for them. I didn't want to tell them that I'm already a pretty avid fan, since I have lots of their dresses already. I was afraid they'd rescind their generous offer!

But I told them anyways :). And they still wanted to send me a piece of my choosing.

I think I chose well, no?

This dress - it's just about everything I wanted in a maxi dress:

  • It's 100% cotton jersey - and a thick jersey, one that doesn't wrinkle or rumple and isn't sheer, so I can wear whatever bra I want, thankyouverymuch.
  • It doesn't have narrow straps.
  • It has a fuller skirt.
  • It's yellow! My favorite color ever!
  • It's long enough!

    As with all eShakti items that I own, it is impeccably constructed. Very sturdy. It was a little big, so I washed it on hot and tumble dried it on hot as well, and it still looks great without a single loose thread on it.

    It has a great thick tie-back that makes a bridesmaidesque bow in the back.

    Now for the honest bit: ordering from eShakti used to be hit-or-miss, but I think they've worked out their issues, and I've had nothing but good ordering experiences with them lately.

  • Sometimes they are, ummm, overzealous? in their fabric choices? Like, they pick a really nice and thick poplin to make a lot of their dresses, and sometimes it makes them stiffer than you'd expect a sundress to be, for example. But I'd rather a company err on the side of better construction and more durable fabric than flimsiness.
  • Also, sometimes their site goes down (when I initially wrote this post, I couldn't get it to load, for example).
  • Sometimes their customer service is unresponsive, like when an item is out of stock and I have a question about when it will be back in stock... sometimes those questions are never answered.

    But! I have, I think, 6 eshakti dresses? Maybe? It could be more. I get compliments on all of them every time I wear them out.

    Their differentiation point is that all of their pieces are customizable (sleeves, neckline, length, etc.). Their sizes run from 0 to 26W and it's the same price no matter what size (which I love, because it makes me feel welcome).

    So, all in all, I'm super pleased with this awesome new dress!

    Also, it's the first piece of clothing I've ever gotten completely free just because I write this here blog! So that was a trip.

    But enough about me. Would you like to get in on this eShakti action? They've offered me a promo code for my blog readers - that's you! It's WALP0811. You'll get $20 off your order**, but it's only valid till 15th September, 2011, so get cracking!

    - I wanted to note, for my international readers, that they only ship to the US and Canada at this time.

    *eShakti did not pay me in any way for this review, other than to provide the dress for free!
    **I'll get $10 for every time this code is used.

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