Sunday, September 11, 2011

Real quick: gigantic bun is gigantic

I really want to cut my hair. You know, when you spend so long growing it out, then finally one day, it's like "ENOUGH! I MUST CUT THIS!"? Well, last time I did that, I really hated the results.

So I'm trying to keep myself interested in my long hair by trying out new hairdos. I present to you: Gigantic Bun.

I used one of the many bun sock tutorials out there (here's one), though I took each piece and pinned it in place one at a time. Also, I didn't use a sock :) - I used an old pair of bike shorts rolled up into a donut, because I wanted a GIGANTIC bun, not a sock-sized bun.

Edit: I just looked again at the thing I used inside my bun... I thought it was bike shorts, but I ended up using a tank top rolled into a donut :). See, I don't really know what I do with myself all the time. I'm a free spirit. A confused free spirit.

In fact, I barely had enough hair to do it:

o hai i see u

Here's what I wore to accompany the gigantic bun:

dress and cardigan: forever 21
black flats:

Have any of you been bitten by the short hair bug? Or grown out your hair for years just to lop it all off? Do tell!


Lexy Rathbone said...

I was growing my hair out so it would be long for our wedding this coming June. However, we had a wedding to go to and I got the...urge to get that cute little Chinese Bob I <3 so much. Thanks to a good friend of mine, and the only person, other than my mother, I trust with my locks, to cut it for me. I love it. The only problem is this, not so nice, hormone change I've been going through. It has my cute CB looking a hot mess that, no matter how hard I try to tame it with my flat iron, does what it wants.

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