Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome September, and a new layout to celebrate!

I'm back from my break! I scaled mountains (in my car) and went on international (well, canadian) adventures and traveled by rail (to Canada!) and enjoyed my time off immensely!

And now, to celebrate September, I now have a beautiful blog makeover! We're all about style and beauty here, and my poor blogger template blog was feeling a little unsnazzy. But not any more! Rachele (the Nearsighted Owl her very self) was such a dear and completely revamped my blog for me!

Please go check her out, she is amazingly stylish AND a great designer. If you are interested in a blog makeover of your own, talk to Rachele, because you will be super impressed with her!

I just love my new layout. Be ready, because I'm probably going to talk about it more, and point out new things (like the cool stuff on the left sidebar, my new "about me" section, etc.).


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