Saturday, October 8, 2011

OOTD: teriyaki and dreary weather

Hello lovelies,

This dress is the twin to the black dress from the last post. I like it a lot! The print reminds me of pearl necklaces. Yes, I'm aware of what urban dictionary says that means. No, I didn't have to look it up after someone giggled when I said "pearl necklace" out loud the other day.


Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy, 2010
Yellow peeps: target spring 2011
bag: latico, years back

Get used to more indoors pictures as the weather has turned to pacific northwestern drear.

It'll all be okay. I've got my trusty "touch side of hair" pose to get us through these next few months. :)

What do you all do to combat relentless dreary weather? I use a sun lamp and it REALLY helps.

ps: I know I'm wearing sunglasses in these pics. I think it was actually sunny the day these were taken, but it's been mostly dreary, I promise!


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