Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OOTD: what I wore to go to the same neighborhood restaurant/bar FOUR TIMES in one weekend

I ended up at Hi Life, our favorite (obviously) neighborhood restaurant, four times this weekend. Twice on saturday, twice on sunday.

(It's the old fire station for our neighborhood, and those doors are for the horse-drawn carriage fire "trucks" they used way back in the day.

And before you get all judgy, Hi Life really is that good.

For saturday:

Outfit details:
tank top: target, years back
cardigan: target, years back
skirt: thrifted "LBL Knits, 2X". BEST SKIRT EVER. POCKETS! only $5!
Old lady boat shoes: avenue (these are v2.0, I wore the first pair into a dilapidated and funky smelling mess, and found a replacement pair for only $9!)
brooch: Knitting Mill, Chattanooga, TN

For sunday:

It was so warm, I took off my cardigan, exposing the WHOLE WORLD (well, just the bar) to my UNSIGHTLY FAT ARMS! (just kidding, I kinda like 'em. Kidding about unsightly, that is. They are definitely fat :))

Outfit details:
Dress: DIY
Cardigan: Kersh, xl, worn at my wedding (and kind of too small at this point, but I soldier bravely on, continuing to wear it so it keeps stretching with me so I will have it always.... ALWAYS! MWAHAHAHAHA!)
Petticoat: thrifted
boots: target Kaden, recent, size 11
not shown: awesome custom sized bike shorts with lace at the bottom from Allihalla

I tried to get a picture of the bike shorts, but all the pics ended up looking really porny and lookbookish. So I will not post them here (sorry!).


Monkey said...

I love the petticoat! I have a dress from ASOS curve I wear as a petticoat as its so see through! I also really like your brooch. I have a think for brooches at the moment!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Monkey! I am seriously digging Asos Curve lately! But yes, a petticoat is about the best thing ever for see-through dresses.

I actually custom-make petticoats for people, I just haven't gotten a proper listing up in my etsy shop. Email me (rebecca at wearelargepeople) if you are interested!

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