Monday, August 30, 2010

The weekend in pictures

This weekend was full of building these and cleaning the apartment. But to kick off our weekend of adult organizational tasks, we went to an awesome outdoor concert.

Sometimes I wonder how many pictures of the space needle I really need in my online photo album:

At an awesome outdoor concert at the base of the Space Needle:

We saw The Head and the Heart, and they were AMAZING.

I really love Seattle Center.

awkward public posing!

Dress: asos curve, clearance
cardigan: alloy xxxl
leggings: duo maternity (so comfy! not pregnant!)
shoes: avenue old lady boat shoes
scarf: AA circle scarf

And my adorable husband:

We also spent yesterday stuffing swag bags for our upcoming weekend of fun. Who's excited? We're excited. And dorky.


☠ jen ☠ said...

:O i have lusted over those bookshelves for a while! gotta love ikea.

also, i was eyeing that asos dress earlier... what do you think of it? how's the quality/does it run true to size? it's such a cute dress and you really rock it, especially with that bright scarf!


neffbot said...

Hey Jennifer - thanks!

It's my second dress from Asos, and I've ordered a 22 in both of them, and they both fit really well. I typically wear an eShakti size 20W, and a Target pure energy size 2 (and am all over the place in old navy sizing).

This Asos dress = not too tight anywhere, no gaping under the arms, wide enough shoulders, etc. It is somewhat short - above the knee for sure - and I am 5'8". I think I'd still be comfortable with the length even without leggings on, but it is definitely shorter than I normally wear.

Pretty Penny Mae said...


I love your blog! This dress looks great on you. I just ordered the same one a couple days ago and am really excited to get it in it is just so cute.
I have a question for you. I've just started my own fatshion blog, ( I was wondering how you go about finding folks to follow you, how you get the word out, etc. Your blog is my favorite so I figured I'd go to the source.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

neffbot said...

Thanks so much Brooke!

I haven't done much to publicize my blog. I blog over at the community, and include a link to my blog whenever I post over there. Also, I comment on other people's blogs that I like (seems like you've already got that down!). I don't really use twitter or facebook, but I'm betting those are also good ways to get more followers. And then, when I reach certain follower thresholds (recently it was 50), I do a giveaway!

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