Sunday, August 1, 2010

OOTD: going to Ikea again

I don't know what it is about an afternoon of shopping at Ikea that makes me want to wear awesome clothing, but I always end up trying something new. Today's new thing: a skirt as a shirt!

Skirt-as-shirt: American apparel from years ago
Jean cutoffs: from my avenue "divine denim" jeans that I cut off for this summer, size 20 (very stretchy!)
Cardigan: target, years ago, xxl
Flower pin: from jcrew bridesmaids dress
necklace: gift from husband on wedding day (it's a little copper book)

Also, I've been stretching back up my ears for the past few months, and am now at 00, which is what I had stretched up to back when I was in college. Funny that I am stretching my ears again after so many years, huh? I got these grey silicone eyelets yesterday and am really enjoying them.


Anika said...

you work it! love the colour on you :) and I love ikea. what did you get? xx

neffbot said...

Thank you!

We actually didn't get anything but a few boxes and two picture frames - usually we roll out of Ikea with furniture!

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