Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scott pilgrim vs. the world

Sunday night the husband and I went, with much anticipation, to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It did not disappoint! I really enjoyed it! Like, tons!

We went to see it at the Cinerama, after hearing how awesome this particular movie theater was on the Seattle Geekly podcast. It was really cool - like, with a real curtain, and comfy seats, and classy decor (and very nice staff that cleaned up after we tripped going up the lobby stairs and spilled an entire cherry coke. They also gave us a free replacement coke).

It's very hot in Seattle right now, so I wore this simple cotton jersey dress.

(only the best in rubbish-strewn alleys for you, dear readers)

Dress: Old Navy xxl tall, clearance, earlier this year
pin: etsy
leather patchwork purse: garage sale, $3!
litter in the alleyway by the movie theater: industrial-sized orville redenbaucher bag of popcorn kernels.


Gazel M. said...

I like this, it doesn't look too layered like your outfits usually have because you usually put a petticoat underneath. :D It's cute!

carly said...

cute dress...simple yet stylish :)

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