Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday trip to Leavenworth

Last weekend the husband took me on a surprise weekend trip to Leavenworth! It's about a 3 hour drive from Seattle, and is a really fun, small, mountainy, Bavarianish, dog-friendly town. We had a great time, and I wore clothing, none of which I documented.

But aren't we cute? You'll forgive the lack of outfit photos for this, right?

Or if not for us, for this cute puppy?

It's so hard to get good pictures of her.

she just moves too much!

Here we go, finally!

Also, there was this cool door with yellow patterned glass:

We had a great time eating German food, drinking beer, sweating a little, and letting everyone pet our cute dog. I feel so fortunate that we got to take this little trip - and my husband is so amazing for surprising me with it! It's so hard for him to keep secrets and surprises from me - he just gets so excited and wants to tell me right away. So it definitely meant a lot that he was able to keep it a secret. We had a blast, and I have an amazing husband.


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