Friday, August 20, 2010

OOTD: dress

Hey folks,

I wanted to post this super cute outfit but first! If you haven't entered my awesome 50 followers giveaway and would like to - then do it now, here.

Now, on to the pretty. This may be my fave new outfit!

I ordered this lovely dress from Anne, the proprietess of, and it came in last week!

whimsy filter!

aaaahhh, I love these shoes, I just wish they were more comfortable!

A closer, yet darker, close-up:

Outfit details, in a bulleted list format because I feel like that's all I've been doing this week at work:

- thrush

Elaborate system of under-dress items:
- a white men's xl ribbed tank top from american apparel
- a petticoat I got at a thrift store (because this dress is kind of see-through!)

Cream cable-knit-look knee socks:
- these are actually over-the-knee socks from american apparel
- srsly fatties, if you want knee socks that are guaranteed to fit you, try the over-the-knee variety from AA, they really do work well!
- But aren't that colorfast, so watch out)

Granny heeled oxfords:
- pikolinos
- size 11
- got them on super sale at a local shoe store!


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