Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advent of Dresses, Days 10-12

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Hello lovelies,

Ready for some more of my December of dresses (Dressember?). Days 10-12 of the Advent of Dresses were among my faves - especially once I discovered the awesome cocktail combo for Day 11!

Day Ten: the oddly-fitting Old Navy dresses continue!

Dress: Old Navy 1x from this summer, clearance
Cardigan: Old Navy xxl from last year
Knee Socks: Ozone, my favorite ever, they stay up all day! from a shoe store in Portland (Imelda's)
Boots: You know. My faves. Target Kady, size 11
Brooch: Etsy seller AtlanticAvenue
Fridge: Because fatties love to eat.

Day Eleven: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo! Worn to my company holiday party.

Bob is so darn cute I like to sneak kisses during pictures:

Playing drums - our party was at the EMP in Seattle - a music museum!

Because hydration is important when whiskey is involved:

Dress: thrifted, me-sized!
petticoat: thrifted
shirt: Lane Bryant, YEARS ago, size 14/16
brooch: gift (for myself anyways)
shoes: faryl robin size 11, year ago

Day Twelve: Avenue clearance skirt!

Without the cardigan:

Shirt: Target xxl, years old, tissue weightish
Skirt: Avenue clearance from last month, can't find it on the site anywhere now
Cardigan: Avenue, in store, size 14 (here online)
Boots: you guessed it, Target Kady size 11

This outfit was a trial to wear. The skirt was linen, so a slip was a must, and kept slipping up or down depending on whether I was sitting or walking. The smocking at the waist of the skirt kept puckering horizontally, the shirt would either be tucked in too tight or too loose, the skirt would ride up, then down... Ok, I'll stop whining. It was uncomfortable. But I think it looked cute, I just need to figure out a way to do the skirt with a slip with a tucked in shirt. Tuck the shirt into the slip too? I had it sandwiched between the slip and the skirt and it wasn't really working well.


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