Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent of Dresses Project, Days 4-6

Here be the second post of my Advent of Dresses project.

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Your model is:
5'9", 240 lbs last I checked, about a 1-2x in dresses, a solid 22 in jeans.

Day 4: a desperate attempt to like this dress again

Blue shirt dress: Old Navy plus size 16
Pastel floral belt: off a dress bought via sales post
Leggings (it was cold that day!): duo maternity 2x, from sales post, and seriously the most comfortable bottoms I own. I napped in them later that day.
Boots: the infamous Target Kady boots in brown, size 11
Headband: made from a black headband elastic and a fake flower with the wire stem shortened and wrapped around the band.

closeup of headband:

Day Five: the lane bryant silky dress that I love!!!

Silky awesome dress: Lane Bryant, 14/16, current
Cardigan: Kersh, xl, bought years ago. Very tight, only works with dresses that have no sleeves or are silky.
Regular old black trouser socks
Boots: Target Kady... sensing a trend? I think I've worn these every day for 2 months.
Necklace: urban outfitters years ago, though you can find reasonable facsimiles all over etsy

Day Six: The clingy cheap jersey dress from Old Navy

I'd seriously ditch this dress if it wasn't such a great color. I still may. It just clings in all the wrong places, but it looks great with a variety of belts and cardigans, and wearing a slip underneath helps with the clinging somewhat.

Dress: Old Navy 1x
Cardigan: Target mustard cardigan of love!! xxl
gold and ivory leather belt: target 2xl, current
My feet are cut off, but I'll bet you can guess what boots I'm wearing :)


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