Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bathing suits (I know, I know, it's winter)

More on why later, but I'm in the market for a new bathing suit for the first time in years. I don't love tankinis because the waistband always digs into me, unless I order the bottoms so large that they fall off, which, umm, presents its own kind of problem that some may say is worse than an uncomfortable waistband.


So, I want a one-piece, and I want it to be cute. I'd also like it to be cheap, but I'm realizing that may not be possible.

Especially given how awesome these very expensive suits from Monif C are! How can you not love the way Fluvia Lacerda looks in all of them? Goodness, she is attractive. I'm not really built that way though. I have rolls, and let's face it, my boobs don't resemble an epic prow in quite the same way. I'm more barge-like than schooner-like.

Anyways. Here's what I ordered:

- this Old navy one, which now carries the helpful message to size up, since they run small. It didn't have that message the other day when I placed my order, so I'm thinking it probably won't fit.

- this awesome polka dotted number from Asos curve

- and this vintagey one from Modcloth

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? I may be brave enough to post pics of me wearing each when they come in, unless things are wardrobe-malfunction-scandalous. We'll see :)

ETA: Or I could just go with this option, if I thought the xl would fit:

That's right. R2D2 baby!


Monkey said...

I love the ASOS one - in fact I may have to get that myself. Have you tried Simply Be? The past few years I've bought my swimwear from there. I even bought a tankini which didn't dig in around my apple for a body :oP

Gazel M. said...

Oh my. I love the ASOS and modcloth one, good picks!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tip Monkey - I will look at their swimwear! I just ordered from them actually - a coat, a Joe Browns tunic/dress (because you love them so much I thought I'd check them out!), and a snood/scarf thingy.

Thanks Gazel - I'm so excited about them both. More details on fit and if they worked or not when they come in :)

heavyaura said...

I really like the last one from Modcloth -- I bet it'll look really great with your skin tone!

ThriftyMomma said...

Oh I am loving the Mustard color this if I could pick it would be that one. Nice selection I'd be happy to have any of them *sigh* :)

Lazy Madonna said...

I like the Modcloth one. I just ordered a similar style from, but with a cherry print. Since I'm all the way in Australia it will take at least a couple of weeks to get here, so still about a week to go. Can't wait!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Nly - that's what I was hoping, that the mustard color would look awesome on my pale flesh (that will remain pale no matter how much time I spend in the sun. What can I say? I repel tans.)

Thanks ThriftyMomma!

Lazy Madonna - thanks for commenting! I hope that your suit is amazing and totally worth the wait! I've been waiting on my asos order for a week or two now but I just got an email saying it came in, so I can't wait to go home and try it on!

mollybennett said...

I love the modcloth one so much, that I might have to get one myself!

Rebecca said...

molly! hi!

Anonymous said...

Remember Esther Williams, the "Million Dollar Mermaid?" Remember that beautiful swimwear? Well, she actually sells it, and it has a large range of sizes! My favorite is the Classic Sheath, which is the one you think of if you know who Esther Williams is.


Her website is:

Anonymous said...

(It's actually very similar to the Modcloth one.)

Vanessa said...

I bought this one online from Target this spring in red. But, it looks like it's only available in limited sizes now and in black only. Still, it's really cute and it has that vintage-pin-up girl look. And sizes seemed pretty true, when I ordered the red one.
Here's the link:

Rebecca said...

Thanks Vanessa - that is a really cute bathing suit!

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