Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things I've been up to lately

This past week I had the sniffles and a half-blown cold (not full-blown, and multiple nights with my humidifier and bottle of Nyquil really helped!). So, I wore clothing but didn't really document my outfits.

I did drink a lot of tea.

And enjoyed our sugar bowl/creamer pitcher that I just love. Teal + gold + daintiness? Yes.

I spotted this lace card set and had to take a picture:

I've been drying my hair with a diffuser lately to get a more wavy and body-ful look:

(I also stretched my ears another size. 7/16" baby!)


heavyaura said...

really like the effect on the hair -- it looks super good! hope you're feeling better. C;

Rebecca said...

thanks so much nly! I do feel lots better after a weekend of relaxing. And more tea.

Monkey said...

You hair looks fab like that! But ouch to the ears!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Monkey! Oh, and the ears didn't hurt :)

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