Monday, October 4, 2010

Dusty Rose

Right before my 8th birthday, we moved into a new house. The carpeting throughout this house was the same, and it was all a color called "Dusty Rose". My mom picked it out, and when she told me the color I was super excited, because I was a 7 year old girl and loved pink. A house full of pink carpet? Amazing, no?

Then we arrived and I saw that "Dusty Rose", as reimagined by interior decorators, really means light poop brown.

The 7 year old me is still sad about that.

Anyways, this cardigan is what I imagine dusty rose should look like. I scored this at the recent clothing swap that we had in Seattle. Thanks Ingra!

Mittens because it was cold outside!

Trying out this whole "belt over cardigan" look:

Fake smile means I like it!

Outfit details:
Dress: Asos Curve
Lace inset leggings: Asos Curve
Cardigan: Free! Silk!
Belt: Target 2xl
Boots: Target Kaden boot, size 11

I didn't think I'd be into this much pink but I think it works! This is quickly becoming my favorite cardigan of the season, and I can always dye it another color if I want a change, since it's 100% natural fibers. I've heard good things about Procion dyes - do any of you have experience dyeing garments?


Monkey said...

I love that outfit! See ASOS curve should use our pictures of its items - I'd buy far more from there. I avoided that dress because it looked terrible on the model - on you it looks amazing! Not a big fan of pink myself through years of having my mother dress me in it but I adore it on you!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Monkey!

I know what you mean - I love seeing the pieces on other people before buying!

Anonymous said...

It makes me SO happy to seeing you wearing the old sweater that I once wore. As I indicated during the clothing swap, I agree with you that the fabric might take dye quite well, but I think that that particular pink is a wonderful color on you as is. More importantly, the draping is beautiful under the belt. Well worn, madame!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Ingra! I have worn it like 4 times since the swap. I really love it, I'm so glad you came to the swap!

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