Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The quest for better pictures

I'm really trying to up the quality of my pictures on here, because I would like to do better! Believe it or not (you probably do believe it), most of the pictures thus far have been cell-phone camera pictures. Granted, it's a great cell phone with many megapixel whatchamacallits, but still.

This outfit had been brewing for awhile. I read lookbook.nu pretty regularly for fashion inspiration, and had saved this look as something I wanted to copy using my favorite Asos curve dress.

So, here's my humble effort.

Outfit details:
Dress: Asos Curve (no longer on the site)
Cardigan: macy's plus size section super clearance silk! cardigan ($17)
Belt: Target 2xl
Necklace: Pretty Penny Mae on Etsy
Patterned brown tights: Avenue clearance ($3, but just like the last pair I posted about, they developed holes as soon as I put them on. Boo.)
Oxfords: Pikolinos size 42

The dress has pockets!

What do you think? Did I capture the spirit of the lookbook outfit?


Gazel M. said...

I'll be quite frank, you didn't really capture the spirit but you made your own presence in this outfit. Looks good!

heavyaura said...

I love the look -- I've been thrift-hunting oxfords for some time now, and those are so perfect I'm drooling. XD You did a good translation of the colors/outfit, but I think the "mood" in the original has a lot to do with a bit of minor photo editing. I would hedge a decently safe bet that she warmed up the colors in her photo, at least.

On a side note about Avenue tights, I bought a few pairs on superultraclearance as well and have the same problem. Do you think it's a matter of quality, or would sizing up help? (I have a habit of being a total tights-destroyer, so I can never tell if it's me or the tights.)


Rebecca said...

Thanks Gazel! I think I dressed it up a little with the patterned tights and the oxfords. Also, I had an owl necklace that was seriously identical, but decided not to wear it since it was really heavy. And then I decided not to wear a scarf because I was too warm. So, inspired but not copied - I can lived with that!

Nly - thanks! I am really trying to get better pictures on here, I think I may have to invest in photo editing software and stop using the free picasa editing :). On the tights front, I bought two pairs on ultra clearance, and one pair on regular price... and they all split! So I'm not sure what's up! They replaced the full-price ones no questions asked, but the clearance ones I didn't take by because I figured they wouldn't/didn't have any more.

Monkey said...

Fabulous! Also captured the spirit spot on!! Once I feel more human (sick as dog :() I'm gonna do my own version.

Debbie said...

I love it! I really liked the owl necklace in the original but I looked at the Pretty Penny Mae shop on Etsy and I loooooooove the jewellery there, so cute! I have no clue with taking photos, even though I have a half decent camera so I think you're doing well. Your photos look great even if they are on a camera phone.


Rebecca said...

Thanks Monkey!

Debbie - thanks so much! I just read your post about knickers and Gok Wan and it made me laugh (and also made me check out simply be for underthings).

Monkey said...

Rebecca - you said you have owl necklace like the girl in pic has? Where'd you get it? I've been hunting high & low for one exactly like that!

Rebecca said...

Monkey - I actually got it at a clothing swap for free! I wonder if etsy/local thrift shops may be a good place to look?

Debbie said...

Monkey - That necklace is cute. I was sure I'd seen one like it at Accessorize - http://www.accessorize.com/wise-owl-long-pendant-necklace/invt/78271681/?bklist=icat,4,shop,jewelleryshop,jewelleryshopnecklaces

Rebecca - thanks. I made myself laugh writing it lol!


Monkey said...

Debbie - thank you for link! I was going to buy it but after a quick look on Etsy I found one for £3! Even with postage still cheaper than accessorize one.

Hmmm I think I am going to do a copy cat themed challenge...

Rebecca said...

I would totally be down for that challenge Monkey!

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