Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The chocolate milk cardigan, and a review of avenue patterned tights

On Thursday I wore my DIYed silk dress again - I am still totally loving it! This time I paired it with some patterned tights I picked up at Avenue on deep discount ($2.97, anyone? Them's walmart prices).

First off, I don't love tights. Really, any kind of tights. They just bind and chafe and roll down and ride up and make my lower half sweaty. Which is TMI. But anyways, that's how I feel about tights.

However, I really do like the look of patterned tights, and I want to love them, I really do. So, I went to Avenue and they had some on super sale, and I bought them. I actually bought a size larger than was specifically recommended for my height/weight, thinking that looser tights would be more comfortable - and I was right about that. They were more comfortable! They also ripped in the ass as soon as I put them on, not from being too small because they were really gigantic-er than my gigantic ass. I'm honestly not sure why they ripped. Maybe the hole was already there and that's why they were on clearance?

Anyways, I chose to be unfazed about the hole, but once I got them on I realized another thing about tights - it's hard to get them on straight. And when there's a vertical ribbed pattern, the straightness of the tights is even more crucial. It didn't matter what I did, one of the legs just wouldn't straighten. So I wore them anyways, with the crazy twisted leg design on one leg. Not a great look.

See? not straight:

Overall, I was pleased with the outfit, and I'll probably try to wear these tights again despite the huge hole.

Outfit details:
Dress: DIY
Cardigan: Old Navy 1X, 2008
Oxfords: Pikolinos, size 42
Tights: Avenue, size E
Necklace: Pretty Penny Mae

Also, my cardigan was the exact color of the chocolate milk we have at work:


Monkey said...

I am loving that dress! I also feel your hatred for tights - they do all the same to me! I tend to wear a pair of hold em in pants OVER the tights to keep them in place. Seems to work!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Monkey!

With the tights, it's almost like I refuse, on principle, to add another layer to my nether regions. It's like, I'm already wearing panties and tights, and the tights want me to wear yet another pair of panties on top of the tights to keep them from riding down? That's too demanding, tights. I refuse.

Buying the larger size helped with the riding down problem though! So maybe try that?

Anonymous said...

Great dress! Love it!!! bet there's lots you can do with it. Next item I'm going to try and find thrifting so I can DIY myself.

Rebecca said...


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