Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OOTD: Portland for the weekend

Two weekends ago Bob and I went to Portland to visit my Dad and little brother, who were in town for business. It was so great to see them!

We were able to find a pet friendly hotel, so we took Waffles with us.

I recently received this dress from Old Navy and it was so comfy I wore it in the car on the way down:

Isn't it awesome? I love the red and the print on the fabric. It's a cotton/poly jersey that's thicker than ON dresses normally are. I also got it in black - that's how much I loved it.

Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy size 2x
Boots: Target Kaden size 11
Kneesocks: american apparel, "over the knee" socks
Wool coat: Target, a few years ago.

We ate at this awesome biscuit place that had a line out the door. Here's my dad and me in line:

(he ALWAYS blinks in pictures, it's impossible to get a not-blinking shot of him)

Then we hit up the Columbia river gorge area:

(me and my little bro at Multnomah falls)

And we also stopped at a fish hatchery:

chubby love!

There was a random bear statue there:

He was smaller than I thought he'd be. Maybe he was just a baby bear. Which is super sad. Sorry for the downer, y'all.


heavyaura said...

If that's a brown bear/black bear, he might very well be full grown -- depending on how tall yer fella is.

Warren T said...

portland is great! had one of my best "nature" experiences ever hiking up to Multnomah falls (maybe b/c it's paved?)... I used to even use one of my pics from that trip (circa 2000) on my online dating profile(s). To which one of my good friends said, "Dude, you don't HIKE!?!?"

Debbie said...

Dogggieeeee!! Awwwwwww!


Rebecca said...

Nly - it could be! there was no plaque or anything (poor thing was randomly in a corner in a tiny buliding that housed the vending machines). My fella is 6'3"

Warren! Hi! Long time no talk!

Debbie - I thought you may enjoy a pic of Waffles, given how adorable your two are!

Fiona said...

I love your dress and as a former resident of Portland and the Gorge area I love the photos even more:)

I have that dress in my shopping cart now too lol


Rebecca said...

Thanks Fiona! We had such a great time - Portland is a fabulous city, and even on such a rainy day, the Gorge area was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress! Gorgeous!! Did they do it in blue? Ahh why am I asking I can't buy anything plus shipping costs from the US make it not worth attempting to buy... :o(

Rebecca said...

Hey Monkey!

It doesn't come in blue anyways, so don't get too sad!

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