Saturday, November 20, 2010

108 - Indoor photos are hard to take

With the daylight savings time change, mixed with the latitude of Seattle... well, folks, it's been difficult to get photos of my outfits during the daylight hours. I'm just too shy to ask a coworker to take a picture of me I guess!

So, I tried to make a home photo studio area using a thrifted sheet that I keep meaning to turn into a dress, and all the lamps we have in the room, plus the tripod.

The result: mediocre at best.

At least my outfit was super cute!

but it wasn't shiny like the pictures made it look:

And the only way I could keep my eyes from becoming huge flashes of light was from not looking at the camera, which, frankly, makes me look a little too wistful.

Outfit details:
Lace shirt: Ross, part of a dress combo
Dress: thrifted Avenue skirt turned into a dress
Boots: Target
Headband: etsy, ages ago, forget which seller
Curly hair: courtesy of sponge rollers worn overnight!

How do you awesome photo takers take indoor pictures that turn out so great? Glasses-wearers, how do you keep your glasses from reflecting the flash?


The Merry Traveller said...

Your lace blouse! Your outfit is super cute and I do like your new hair now!

Anonymous said...

That outfit is the epitome of cute! I adore you in it!!! I know what you mean about indoor photos & glasses! We try and take pics slightly from above me to avoid the glare.

Alexis said...

My kitchen gets the afternoon light, so I try to take pics in there in the afternoon if I am home. You can also do some adjusting in the "post-production" phase to correct for underexposure.

If I get a lot of glare on my glasses I just take them off. I know it's not an entirely accurate depiction of my outfit then, but it's a small sacrifice. :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Merry!

Monkey - you are so sweet to say so. I think I may try setting the tripod a little higher to see if it helps with the glare - thanks for the tip!

Alexis - I love your photo spot, right by your door - it looks like you have a very cute and vintagey house! That's a good idea about adjusting the pictures afterwards - I'm going to try doing that!

Beej said...

Isn't it a pain?! You did well! I went through this the other day and let me just say.. your results are far better :p I love the background fabric, and your outfit <3 Did you cut some off the bottom to make the straps for the jumper?

Rebecca said...

Hi Brenda - thanks for commenting!

The straps were quite a journey, actually. At first I used some brown iridescent ribbon that was very pretty... and I sewed the straps on too tight/small because I didn't factor in seam allowances. When I ripped them out I nearly destroyed the delicate silk overlayer of the skirt, so I took it to an alterations shop along with a cream colored cotton blouse that didn't fit me anymore, and she made the straps from it and attached them. So, I can't fully claim this was a DIY, though the idea was all me!

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