Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy 107th post!

Around these parts, we don't celebrate the 100th post like normal bloggers. NO.... We celebrate post # 107.

(This is mainly because I didn't realize that post 100 was actually post #100)

How do we celebrate post #107?

With a scarf on my head!

Outfit details:
Jeans: Torrid "Source of wisdom" skinnies, size 24. These are my new favorite pants. I like them enough to actually wear pants every once and awhile now!
Shirt: I actually forget!
Cardigan: Alloy XXXL
Scarf: from a clothing swap


heavyaura said...

Congrats on reaching 107!

How does the waist hit you on those jeans? I trashed my favorite pair of fairly high-waisted skinnies a long time ago and have yet to find a skinny jean with the right rise.

Gazel M. said...

I want your glasses. Curse being broke. :P
Loving it all!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 107th BIRTHD....I mean...BLOG POST! (ha-ha!) I love the scarf over your head - looks cool! You also look A-MAY-ZING in those skinnes!

Here's to the next 107...!

Rebecca said...

You ladies are all so sweet!

Nly - it hits me right at the belly button. And I have a fairly high waist with a big underbelly roll. I would really, REALLY recommend going into torrid and trying them on, as well as their other source of wisdom skinny versions, because they are all slightly different. I bought these in a 24, and the others were in numbered sizes, which I took a 4 in. I was pleasantly surprised at how well these fit and how comfy they were!

Gazel - thanks so much! The glasses were surprisingly cheap (I think $15).

Monkey - thanks so much!

Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

sooooo cute! you, the anniversary and the glasses. love it all! <3 Anika

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Anika!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. Ok I am totally in love with your style right now!

I have been looking for the perfect pair of larger glasses and I just love yours! I have even used zennioptical the last time i bought a new pair! i love that website!

and i am adoring your headscarf. so great.

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Marie!

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