Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's in my bag?

Monkey challenged me to a "what's in my bag?" post - I thought it would be fun! She did one as well, it's up over there and you should check it out! All I will say is it's very owl-tastic :)

Another fun thing is that when I opened the shades in our bedroom to get more light for the pictures I saw that it's SNOWING outside!!! This is the first time I've seen snow in many, many years. I'm so excited!!!!!! Can you tell?

My bag:

I got it at a garage sale for $3 about 4 months ago, and I've carried it ever since. I used to change my purses quite a bit, but this one is just about perfect for me so I've kept carrying it. It's a wonderful leather with leather patchwork on the front (some of the patches are actually hairy and that's weird and gross to me, but I try not to think about them).

I subscribe to the "many little bags" theory of purse organization, mainly because I don't want little things getting lost in the bottom of my purse. Clockwise from left: marimekko purse, H&M zipper pouch, "loop" wallet. Within these are painkillers, pepto bismol (a wonder drug!), lip balm, hand sanitizer, lens wipes, lady products, etc.

And here's everything together, clockwise from left:
Top row: marimekko purse,h&m zipper pouch, moleskine and pen, tissues, sunglasses in case (don't need to carry those anymore for a few months)
second row: checkbook, wallet
third row: box of business cards for my blog/etsy store (you'd be amazed how often it comes up in conversation and then I can just give a card!), cell phone, badge for work.

Like Monkey, I usually also have a book but I don't really like the one I'm reading right now so I'm not carrying it around.

What do you carry in your bag every day?


Debbie said...

I would tell you what's in my bag, but there isn't enough space. I try to discipline myself, but I end up with a bursting bag that I can never find anything in!!


Lazy Madonna said...

Oh man, that's so organised! I can't believe I have made it to my age without having thought of this. And me with 3 kids and all!

And what a great way to use those cute little purses you see all the time.

Anonymous said...

Love your loop purse - I keep looking @ them on UO website but they're so expensive!!

I like the idea of lots of little purses - I might employ that idea coz sick of hunting for things in the bottom of my bag.

Rebecca said...

Debbie - I know what you mean!

Madonna - That's actually how I started, seeing all those cute pouches and not really knowing what to do with them... then voila!

Monkey - thanks so much! I've been surprised at how long it's lasted, I've had it for three years and it is barely showing wear. I find it was worth the money for sure!

Allison said...

Hi Rebecca - I just found your blog through ThriftyMomma! A quick peruse tells me that I'll be back. I noticed at least 2 things I REALLY like: fun fashion and a dog! Yay!

geetabix said...

I am so going to do that - little pouches! What a great idea!

Rebecca said...

Hi Allison! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

Geetabix - that is the cutest name ever, by the way. And thank you!

Deena said...

I have that loop wallet!! Only mine is 100 times more battered looking than your bright shiny new one. I love it to bits.
What do I always carry..... hand lotion, sanitiser, tissues, lip balm and my diary. and pain killers. and tea bags.

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