Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 In Review

Wow, what a fantastic year 2011 was for me!

I did some huge things - by far, the biggest was quitting my corporate job and devoting myself full-time to my dream job, being a Personal Stylist!

Here are a few more highlights from 2011:

January: I talk through how to take better blog pictures.

March: I discover the hairstyle that I'll wear almost exclusively for 10 months

April: We take a fun day trip with our pup!

June: I recap our amazing trip to England where I met Claire, Kirsty, and a whole bunch of other awesome bloggers!

June #2: I was featured as a Blogger "Blog of Note" - super exciting!

July: Kirsty and I take Portland by storm.

July #2: I quit my day job to pursue my dream job!

September: I get a sweet blog makeover from a friend!

October: We put an offer on a house (it, unfortunately, fell through).

November #2: I get my hair cut short again (and I love it!)

How was your year? I hope it was wonderful, and that you have a fantastic 2012!

PS: I also just wanted to say how thankful I am towards everyone who stops by this blog and reads and comments - you all make my day!


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