Saturday, April 16, 2011

Warning: vacation photos ahead - Fort Casey

Back in February, we headed over to Whidbey Island to check out the awesome Fort Casey.

It was a beautiful day, and we explored the nearly 500 acres of concrete towers, tunnels, crumbling iron railings, old artillery storage cubbies, massive anti-naval guns - there's even a lighthouse!

Ft. Casey was built in the late 1800s as a naval defense fort, but rendered obsolete before it was finished by the invention of the airplane. Even on a bright and sunny day, it was still a little creepy! There are no safety barriers or areas that are roped off - it's all just available to be scampered over by kids, adults, and dogs alike.

If you'd in the Puget sound area I totally recommend going there - it's free to get in, and we spent hours walking around.

On our way over there

multiple levels of concrete bunker walls made me feel like I was in a video game

the only concession to safety - signs stating the obvious

one of the 5 or so guard/lookout stations. See waffles poking her head out?

super labyrinthine

they look ready for anything, don't they?

she really photographs well in the sunlight

love this picture

the gun embankments all had names - I'm guessing the guns themselves had names. I think there were about 10 guns there at one point.

here's one of them - huge!

This is just a small part of the entire set of fortifications - I couldn't get it all in one frame.

We had such a great time - I just love exploring old buildings and places, especially when there are no limitations on where you can go!


Kandi said...

It dies not look like the conventional holiday destination but my kids would just love it there! You two are a sweet couple.
Kandi x

geetabix said...

Looks beautiful and fun.

Allison said...

Looks like fun was had by all! What a neat spot - I love the sign about falling. Also, everybody in these pictures is very cute. Just sayin'.

caroline alice said...

waffles looks like a wonderful pal! him and your man sure do look like a crime solving team in that pic hehe!xxxx

Anonymous said...

I love the green coat on you, especially with the turquoise scarf. I'm curious to know what footwear you were wearing. I'm always trying to find ways of making my cold weather wardrobe a little more stylish and unique, so I'm always curious to see what other people wear when the weather is frosty.

Rebecca said...

You are all so sweet to comment on my vacation pictures!

Kandi - thank you!

Geetabix - thanks!

Allison - thanks :)

Caroline - thank you! They are quite the duo :)

Thirtiesgirl - Funny you should mention that, because I honestly don't know what to wear when it is cold out either! In these pics I was actually wearing canvas boat shoes with no socks, even though it was really cold. So, not the best choice, but they are really comfy. If it is rainy I wear galoshes. If I'm wearing a dress I tend to wear knee high boots... I know I'm not being very specific! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I could see galoshes being cute with that outfit. If you rolled up your jeans, I think galoshes could look very stylish. Not that we get a lot of cold weather in SoCal, but when we do, I sometimes wear my thick-soled Doc Martens shoes (the mary jane or t-strap kind), or T.U.K. Doc look-a-likes with my jeans or pants.

cuppy said...

Moofs & I have been here before & LOVED it !!! So incredibly cool. I won't deny that there may be a "CUPPY" or two scrawled on the walls inside some of the rooms (I know they're not called that but I don't know the appropriate name). Did you think it was kind of creepy how some of them were super windy & seemed never-ending? We were singing in them & recording stuff to hear all the crazy acoustics. So much fun !!!

Rachele said...

That is craziness! Looks like so much fun. And a great place to take photos :) You guys are totally awesome by the way.

Ragini said...

You two make such a cute couple! Also, puplet eeee! :D

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