Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An amazing outfit and an amazing sandwich

It's like these two things were made to go with each other:

That's right, it's a mac-n-cheese SANDWICH. Grilled cheese with shells and cheese inside.

Just about as awesome as this outfit, which is my very most favoritist outfit from the past few weeks:

the picard maneuver.

So sassy.

Wearing a cardigan buttoned is a relatively new thing for me, but I think I like it! Only a few of my cardigans will work this way without getting all bulgy/straining at the buttons from my absolutely fat-tasticness :)

I found this blouse at Value Village a few months ago. I will probably end up selling it on etsy eventually.

The pics are blurry because it was dark outside, but soon! Soon my friends! There will be outdoor pictures. Daylight savings time is my friend, now the rainy/windyness just needs to stop.

Outfit details:
Skirt: Lane Bryant clearance, $12!, size 22. It's a really great ponte knit that is so comfy.
blouse: thrifted
Cardigan: Target merona, xxl, years old
Sweater clips: gift from husband
Shoes: Faryl Robin, years old

Do any of you enjoy wearing cardigans buttoned up? I'm surprised that I like it so much, normally I like to hide my tummy in loose flowy fabric, but it's really working for me.


Pretty Penny Mae said...

Ummm, that macaroni and cheese sandwich looks AMAZING!!! I do love some mac and cheese! This outfit is so cute on you! I love those shoes. I like wearing my cardigan buttoned up sometimes, but a lot of my cardigans just won't have it as they usually bulge in the booble area.

geetabix said...

I love that cardigan soooooooooo much. The green is stunning. I generally prefer my cardigans unbuttoned but when I look at pictures it seems like that doesn't hide the tummy with flowy fabric, it just makes me seem wider, or like I'm wearing sleeve flaps.

The sandwich sounds interesting. I love mac and cheese (it's in my top 10 favourite dinners and that says a lot because I love food) but not grilled cheese at all ... maybe until now?

Allison said...

I love the look of a buttoned up cardigan but I usually end up with gaping/straining around the chestal area. Fashion tape is my friend. That green looks awesome on you!

I totally want a mac and cheese sandwhich. Mmmmm. I'd also like to pick your dog and give him/her a hug. So CUTE.

Mari said...

Cardigans are so tricky... I usually buy mine smaller and only partially button, but I have the gaping and straining problem too. BUT, if you buy them big enough so they don't strain, their boxy-ness tends to be unflattering.

PS. I am very envious of your bangs!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes do my cardigans up but again have the issue of getting the darn things around my chest!! Outfit looks cool! Very chic and sophisticated!

neffbot said...

Brooke - you should totally try this sandwich. It was so amazing.

Geetabix - thanks! I'm trying to embrace the tummy lately, since it isn't going away. Buttoned or unbuttoned, it's pretty noticeable :). And you should try the grilled cheese/mac n cheese. You probably dont' even have to put a slice of cheese inside the bread, the mac n cheese is creamy enough to make the bread stick together, if that makes sense?

Allison - I know what you mean, I get the straining pretty much everywhere. I should start using fashion tape! So you use it to tape your cardigan to your clothing so it doesn't strain? And my little photobombing dog? That's Waffles. She's a cutie, no?

Mari - welcome, thanks so much for commenting! I tend to buy mine smaller too but have a few big enough to button. I find jackets to be really boxy on me, but cardigans tend to conform to my shape a little better. I keep seeing ladies rocking adorable moto=inspired jackets and want to do it too, but they just look awful on me.

Monkey - you with the chest, me with the hips. and thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love that you know what the Picard manuever IS! I love IT!

neffbot said...

Bigonmodesty - thanks! I LOVE star trek. Like, love it so much. I'm such a dork, and I'm proud of it. :)

Anonymous said...

DO NOT SELL THAT CARDIGAN! The fit, color and style are absolutely fabulous on you! You look so sharp in this outfit. The print blouse really makes it pop, and it totally works with the straight skirt. The shoes just pull it together and underscore your personal style. Even your adorable dog works with the outfit. It should be a wardrobe staple. (The outfit, not your dog, heh.)

neffbot said...

Thirtiesgirl - you are so sweet :). I am definitely keeping the cardigan. I'll keep the blouse for a little while, it just doesn't fit completely well (i.e., the bottom buttons won't button since it's a little too small for me), and I don't like to keep things that don't fit. But my gain can be someone else's gain (ha) if I put it up on etsy :)

Nicole said...

You are absolutely adorable! I love it all. So many little vintage details. You look great in green.

I really love your hair. I find it pretty impossible to style mine. It never does what I want!

Rachele said...

Genius recipe! And you are adorable in that cardi. I know what you mean about not buttoning. I either don't button or I button right under my boobs :)

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