Monday, April 25, 2011 improvement that's pretty cool - Dynamic Views for readers

Hi all,

Blog content has been light lately. I haven't taken any outfit pics lately since I'm recovering from a pretty serious run in with bug bites from a trip to a cabin three weeks ago! 230 bites means that my arms and legs still look pretty gross, so I haven't been inclined to do outfit pics lately. Hopefully soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to share this awesome new feature launched for blogger/blogspot blogs. It's called dynamic views, and anyone with a blogger blog can use it for their blogs! Basically, just append /view to the end of your blog url, and you'll get all these options:

Flipcard: available at [blogURL]/view/flipcard
Mosaic: available at [blogURL]/view/mosaic
Sidebar: available at [blogURL]/view/sidebar
Snapshot: available at [blogURL]/view/snapshot
Timeslide: available at [blogURL]/view/timeslide

My favorite is Flipcard (seen above), but I also like Mosaic a lot, and also sidebar. Really, the only one I don't like is Snapshot.

Have you Blogger bloggers discovered this feature yet? Which one is your favorite?


* said...

glad you had a nice vacation, bummer about the bug bites!

geetabix said...

Neat, I've never tried any of these - I will soon!

neffbot said...

Thanks Kym & Geetabix!

Literal Gemini said...

Very cool, I like Flipcard... But how do you use them? I mean besides posting them to the end of your blog url, is there a way to make them your feature page, or do you just have to know to put the feature behind you blog url. I don't know. Anyway, glad you fun going to your cabin, such about the bug bites, I hate those, but Im sure you would still look pretty in whatever you wore!!

neffbot said...

Thanks Literal Gemini - I commented over at your blog with my answer!

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