Sunday, April 10, 2011

My faves from the blogosphere lately

March and early April have been so busy that I've constantly been playing catchup on blogs! Here are some of my recent favorites:

love yourself from all angles - Beej

Sal puts it so well - the health of a stranger, fat or thin, is none of your business

Kirsty's post on how to thrift as a fatty

Childhood obesity PSA misses the mark - Sociological Images

Wearing revealing clothing = asking for it? Absolutely not. - Lesley Kinzel

“Based on the statistics, most of the charges saying that obesity caused various diseases or that obesity caused thousands of deaths were simply not supported. Yet consistently, these pseudofindings were promulgated as fact.” - via hey fat chic


Kandi said...

THanks for those links, i've not seen them before and am now following.
Kandi x

Beej said...

Thanks Rebecca, you are so damn sweet. I send people your way IRL! <3 Keep putting yourself in there..

geetabix said...

These are good ones!

Rebecca said...

Kandi - thanks!

Beej - thank you :)

Geetabix - thanks!

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