Friday, January 6, 2012

OOTD: Museum of History and Industry

This past week, Bob had a day off, so we did one of our favorite things - checked out a local museum!  Our favorites are the oft-overlooked, the ones that smell a little musty.  Perhaps there is dusty taxidermy with patches of fur missing.  The ones that usually only have 1 or 2 other people in whatever room we're in.  So we decided to go to the MOHAI (museum of history and industry), since it is moving into a snazzy new facility later this year.  We wanted to catch it in its pre-move decrepitude, so to speak.

We took advantage of the rare sun to get an outdoor! picture! omg!  Those have been light on the ground here at WALP for the past few months, I know.

It was kind of chilly!  Also, I love the way the top of my head looks with this haircut.  So stylish, top of head.  Good on you.

Outfit details:
dress: avenue (one of those amazing cotton sundresses that I have three of.  This one was only $9 since I got it on clearance with a coupon!)
Boots: Target, 2009
Cardigan: Target, 2006
Scarf: H&M

Do any of you love visiting museums, old or otherwise?


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