Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're back! (and have been for awhile, sorry!)

We had an AMAZING time in England! It was so so wonderful. The best part was meeting Claire in real life and hanging out with her and her husband Rob.

But a close second was the the awesome Big Beach Bums meetup that Kirsty put together! I didn't bring my camera with me for that (not a suave blogger move on my part). Luckily, Ragini and Claire (part one, two) both took pictures and posted them. We all looked smashing, I must say.

Here are some pictures of the rest of the non-meetup things we did whilst there.

the Doctor Who experience was amazing!

Dover Castle (super, super windy and cold, but still awesome)

Brighton Pier (claire took this pic!)

My new Evans dress, outside our hotel, about to go meet Claire and Rob for dinner.

My favorite british dessert ever, I only was able to find them on my last day.

Hilarious flyer in a shop window in Greenwich. "The solemn promise that you will practice like the devil"

And, after 10 days walking around various parts of England, it was time to retire the old lady boat shoes. They were good shoes. I'll probably do a retrospective post or something, I've seriously worn them nonstop for more than a year. Best $9 I ever spent.

Oh, thank you all for your comments lately - I've read every one of them, I just haven't had time to respond. Hoping to get back on the responding bandwagon soon!

I hope you are all enjoying your pre-summer days!


Pretty Penny Mae said...

It looks like you had a great time! Your new Evan's dress is very cute!
♡ Brooke

geetabix said...

Aw, you and your husband look so cute and cosy :) The new Evans dress is beautiful. Mmm, dessert ... yum, yum.

Anonymous said...

Aww my living room is on your blog! Its now famous, it will be very pleased! I FINALLY wore the same dress last night for dinner with my friend and in time honoured tradition promptly dropped food down it! Thankfully - with a big of washing up liquid - and a run through the washer the stains have gone! But you really cannot take me ANYWHERE!

Sorry to hear about your shoes. They lasted longer than my denim pumps from Evans and cost a darn sight less - so they had a good innings!

Was wonderful to spend time with you and show you our little patch of London. We are planning a US trip so you can return the favour!

thirtiesgirl said...

I am SO jealous you went to London. I've always wanted to go, but I'm too broke to afford it. Sounds like you had a great time. That Evans dress looks fantastic on you. I love light grey with white. Love the "old lady" boat shoes, too. You wouldn't think so from looking at them, but they work well with dresses and skirts. I've been looking at a similar pair at Target for a while.

sassy said...

It looks awesome! I can't really get past you going to the Doctor Who experience though. Jealous!!!

Blessed Rain said...

Love Dr. Who! Looks like a great time!

KLo said...

Great pics ... you selected some really memorable ones to share. I'm the type to put way too many pics up sometimes, so your selections reminded me of something I need to work on :-)

RFB said...

Love your pics! Love the vintage duds! happy to see your blog. I blog at radicalfatbride at blogspot... Cheers!

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