Monday, May 23, 2011

Off to jolly olde england(e?)

By the time you read this, we'll be enjoying englandy things like pints and cherry bakewells prior to the Big! Beach! Bums! meetup on 5/28.

Let's see: quid, arse, "happy christmas" and "grab your coat love, you've pulled". I spent months in England and that's all I remember of british colloqualisms. Not a linguist, nope.

Mars bars, digestives, coronation chicken, tesco finest, wine gums, crisps... You can tell I was paying more attention to the food than the language :).

Don't rob our house while we're gone!

It would make Waffles very sad if you did!

Be back in early June!


sassy said...

I'm so excited for you. It never occurred to me there were no Mars Bars in the US!

Allison said...

Have fun! Don't forget to have some lemon curd while you're there. It's the best :)

Anonymous said...

Aww Waffles is cute!!

Debbie said...

Awww I wish I had the courage/money to come to bigbeachbums. even though I heard it was a wash out I would have loved to come and met you

Ylenia said...

what a cute dog!!!

♥ Ylenia
from longuette

geetabix said...

Oh, the food across the pond ... so good. We had a junk food picnic on our Ireland trip - went to Marks & Spencers, came out with a big bag and sat in the park decimating it for the rest of the afternoon. I brought some Cadbury's chocolate and jaffa cakes back with me but no room for cheese and onion crisps, mini bakewell apple tarts, soda bread or fresh scones. On the other hand, we had a couple of gross and overpriced meals there too. Pasta is way better at home.

Anika said...

Hope you are having a lovely time, crumpet! I am part English my self, and always love going there. One of my fave bits is the bussdrivers greeting me with a cheery "`morning sweetness"! Look forward to hearing about your trip. Hugs from Oslo. x Anika

Anonymous said...

its weird, you've a reverence for all things foody and british the same way I've got the love for all food american....but am very much agreeing with your taste in our foodstuffs...:)

Anonymous said...

All those blogs are really good! Feel ashamed of mine now :o( but I'm a noob!

If anybody is feeling charitable please check out my blog! Any feedback or advice would be very much appreciated. Perhaps even follow me on twitter to help stroke my ego :o)

Love you all already!

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