Friday, May 13, 2011

OOTD: to Target and beyond!

This is the face of a person that went to Target and found an awesome shirt on clearance.

This is also the face of a person who really loved her outfit that day.

I went to my first estate sale a few weekends ago and scored this awesome yellow cardigan. I felt a kindred spirit to the lady whose belongings were being sold - she had 100 cardigans, all of them my size, none of them wool. She must have been allergic to wool like me!

Outfit details:
dress: asos curve, 2010
cardigan: estate sale, vintage, AWESOME
petticoat: made by me (here's a tutorial)
lace necklace:

Have any of you been to an estate sale before? What did you think? I felt torn because it is sad to rummage through the remnants of someone's life... but also glad that these garments and items were getting new life and being repurposed...


Ragini said...

SO PERFECT! And I have almost the exact same necklace yay!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much Ragini! I think I will be meeting you next weekend at the big beach bums meetup!

Leah said...

I LOVE that necklace!

geetabix said...

Gorgeous smile lady! And gorgeous ensemble. I love the cardigan and the dress and how the lace necklace ties in with the petticoat ... you are such an artist.

Anonymous said...

Looking fabulous! I wish I could pull off yellow...I just look unwell.

I also really like that dress, I always miss the good ones with ASOS.

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress.

Rebecca said...

Thanks rooms!

Geetabix - thank you! You are so sweet!

Monkey - thanks!

Mama bear - thank you!

DeAnn said...

Okay ... Just meet you, and normally like to reserve my commenting for at least several sittings, but ... Well ... I think you are lots a fun. This is a great ensemble ... I agree. I never wear visible lace, but am thinking about hopping over to etsy for a peek at this necklace. Love that you love vintage sweaters. My neighbors are all ancient ... It is very sad for me to lose them, but I love seeing young couples visiting and claiming tiny moments from their lives. I think it honors them.

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