Sunday, May 8, 2011

OOTD: For 6 hours on planes

Folks, I had been awake since ~3am when these were taken, and had slept in my french braids after drinking, oh, about 14 margaritas for cinco de mayo. Then, I got on planes to make my way home from Austin. And I think I looked awesome even with the lack of sleep and questionable hygiene!

(I used to have an animated gif here but the site I used for it is causing a broken link so I took it down)

Outfit details:
Dress: fatshionista LJ swap
Belt: Target, men's section. It's braided elastic and super comfy!
Brown cardigan: Target merona xl, from 2005 or so. They don't make em like they used to.
Scarf: AA circle scarf
shoes: toms. I'm hopeless trendy.
tattoo: almost done!

Also, check out the awesome new-to-me bag I got at the farmer's market last weekend. It's vintage, but never used! I desperately needed a new laptop/carry all bag since my H&M one was disintegrating and leaving a trail of chartreuse-colored vinyl flakes everywhere I went.

When I travel, I love wearing dresses because they are lots more comfy than pants for me, and I feel like I look nice while wearing something comfier than sweatpants. I feel like I'm fooling everyone that thinks I dressed up and am SOOOO uncomfortable, because really I'm super comfy.

Also, being dressed up is extra armor for me, because flying whilst fat can be trying since I don't fit into the seats very well and am always prepared to be met with unkindness from fellow passengers or flight crew. When I feel like I look nice, it's easier for me to feel good about myself even if other people don't dig me.

What do you all like to wear when you travel?


JazmineKariss said...

Im love love lovin' the polka dots! too cute!

heavyaura said...

!!!!!!!!! your thigh tattoo which i never noticed before !!!!!!!!!!!

that weird use of punctuation means, roughly, "wow,that looks AWESOME."

Allison said...

You do look great! Also, I like the dance party. I try to travel in stretchy things that don't look like sweats. Dresses are a great option!

Pretty Penny Mae said...

This is so cute! Were you in Austin, TX? If so that's where I live!

The Notorious ZAG said...

I like your glasses a lot, I wish I could wear some. And your thigh tattoo, sexaay!! I like this look, its very comfortable looking, but still put together, and quite the unique color palette; I would never think of putting brown with those colors, but it really works, you look great!

Rebecca said...

You are all so sweet!

Jazmine - thank you!

Nly - thanks! I haven't posted about it at all, which is why you've probably never noticed :)

Allison - thank you :). Stretchy is key.

Brooke - yes, I was in Austin TX! I actually thought about emailing you to see if you were busy on Wednesday night because I didn't have plans but then I felt like it would be weird so I didn't.

ZAG - thank you! I rediscovered this cardigan in my closet and have been wearing it a lot lately. It really highlights like sizing changes over time, even with the same brand, because it's an XL from Merona, and now even their xxls are too tight. Weird times.

Pretty Penny Mae said...

If you're in Austin again in the future, let me know! It wouldn't be weird at all!

geetabix said...

Drool! Love the shoes! Love the dress! Love the scarf! Love it all! What a perfect travel outfit.

I'm going to have a long day of travelling soon: 8hr overnight flight, 5hr stopover, and then another 2 hr flight. I was thinking of sweats for the overnight so I'm warm/comfy enough to sleep, and then switching to a skirt at the other end.

Awmber said...

Oh my god your dress is just so adorable! And I am incredibly jealous of that bag! I love flying in dresses as well, just because I always get annoyed by the waistband of pants. You can get way more comfy with a good pair of tights and a cute dress.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post? I know - by being super hungover & tired after a weekend of drinking & dancing! When I travel I tend to wear leggings and a loose top. Last time I wore jeans though! I may try dresses in future.

I've never had anything horrid when I travel - I guess I'm lucky! You watch next time I fly I'll have to give someone the death stare!

Just over a week until we met in RL! WAAAA! So excited!

kim @ pineapplemint said...

I really like your colors in this outfit. It's an unusual mix of green and blue but it really comes together nicely.

Rebecca said...

Geetabix - thank you! I think your travel clothing plan sounds good. I'm going on an overnight flight to london in a few weeks and will probabl do the same - pajamas for warmth, changing into a dress at the end!

Awmber - thank you! I get annoyed at the waistband too. No matter how comfy pants are, when I sit down, all my squishy bits fight with the waistband.

Monkey - ha! I'm glad you had a fun weekend! I wear leggings under dresses for warmth sometimes when I travel. and I'm SO EXCITED TOO!!!! YAY!!!!!

Kim: Thanks so much! It was a fluke of what I happened to have in my suitcase that wasn't dirty, but I think it's one of my new favorite combos!

Ragini said...

Man, that bag! And those shoes are fucking awesome.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gawwdd, you are the cutest thing ever!

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