Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I'm enjoying lately

1) Big Beach Bums is next weekend! I've been enjoying the anticipation - we're heading out early and I'm so excited to meet everyone, especially Claire, who has been super kind to help me with my travel plans and is just all around awesome.

2) Bubble tea. It was a staple of my bay area existence but there aren't any places in my neighborhood here that have it.

3) This hilarious interaction with a advertising banner for a travel company, next door to the place where we got bubble tea. Especially poignant given #1!

4) Nilla wafers with peanut butter = favorite snack forever. Plus, I recently got a new huge yellow mug on sale and it's perfect for the large amounts of tea i like to drink in one sitting. Also, books.


* said...

i love tea and drink cups and cups everyday.

sassy said...

Bubble tea scares me. Of course, I haven't even tried it but think I like my bubbles to be aerated instead of solid

Rebecca said...

Kym - you and I are kindred spirits. I have never liked coffee, I prefer tea!

Sassy - it is kind of strange the first time you try it. But it really grew on me! The bubbles are made of tapioca if that helps demystify it but they are still an odd texture that takes getting used to.

Gazel M. said...

What's your favourite flavour?!

I like Thai Tea, Honey Milk tea or Rose. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

There is a place in Chinatown that does bubble tea. Remind me to take you there! Nom!

geetabix said...

Oh that Big Beach Bums itinerary sounds good. That's going to be an amazing trip :) And mmmmmmmm, tea. Including bubble tea. Yum.

Adara said...

/spaz over
Is it sad that I recognised it immediately? haha! Girlfriend I could tell you all about the bubble teas in that neighbourhood. Mmmmmhmmmmm.
I also liked the "We live in a car" thing that the other little mountain goat guy was saying. I was like "say whaaat"

RS said...

I LOVE BUBBLE TEA!! It's an Asian thang! ;D I just had some just now


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