Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Links*

Folks, I wish I was making this up: Florida OB-GYNs set weight cut-offs for new patients starting at 200 pounds and turn down women who are heavier.

Frances taking on Cosmopolitan Australia with a great article on fatshion.

Fat Dudes = Hot. Yes.

I died. FAQ for students: Rapture edition

Photography: How to make your own bokeh shapes. The cow one is my favorite!

*Let's not pretend this is more than it is. We all know that I abandon recurring posts like a... thing that abandons things alot**. Yeah.

**the abandoning alot leaves things everywhere!


geetabix said...

This weight cut-off thing is so disgusting. I worked in a medical school very briefly and there don't seem to be any ethical standards taught at all anymore (ie, "role model" professors make fun of homeless patients). Basic human decency just isn't a requirement to be admitted or to graduate. I feel lucky that a lot of good people choose to practice medicine, but it really worries me how many bad people do as well.

On a happier note, that Bokeh tutorial is cool!

Rebecca said...

Geetabix - thanks for your comment. I don't post sad/anger-making stuff here often because it just bums me out and makes me feel powerless, but want to give greater awareness to the discrimination that fat folks deal with, especially at the hands of the medical industry!

sassy said...

It just makes me so angry. I know somebody here who was told the hospital wouldn't let her give birth because she was too large and they couldn't accommodate her. Funny thing is I gave birth in that hospital previously at a bigger size and their equipment was fine for me.

geetabix said...

Grrr. Sassy, that just reinforces my belief that people just randomly make up "policies" because they have a bug in their ear that day.

Rebecca, I know what you mean about the anger-making and I have to restrain myself from not making every single blog post a "here's what's terrible on earth right now" list because I do on the whole think this earth is a good place to be and MOST people are quite nice. Which is why the poopsters stick out like sore thumbs.

Rebecca said...

Sassy - that's awful!

Geetabix - yeah, I sometimes have to stop reading the anger-making blogs, even though I think it's important to be aware of bad stuff that's happening and discrimination, it makes me feel even more worried about my day-to-day life to read about fatties being targeted for hate crimes, or denied medical care, or denied health insurance, or or or... So I keep it light most of the time!

Debbie said...

Haha I was just about to chastise you for writing alot and to tell you about Hyperbole and a Half!! I love that blog almost ad much as yours!


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