Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OOTD: Holiday cheer!

Howdy sweet blog readers!

Well, this household has come down with the seasonal cold/flu, so I haven't left the house, except to go to Walgreens to buy more sudafed, for days. It's an exciting existence, let me tell you! Also, let me tell you that chicken bouillon is disgusting all by itself.

But, last week, I got all gussied up for a party, and wanted to share (especially since I've missed the other parties I had been planning on looking fabulous at).

Check out how well I match the wall! Also, that dreamy quality is due to Bob's extended battery on his phone - it pops out too far for the camera to take normal pictures!

Whatevs, work with what you got. And work it!

Outfit details:
Dress, avenue, deep clearance (plus they have a 50% off code right now). I was shocked at how well this dress fit and how fabulous it looks!
belt: target, ages ago
cardigan: target.com
petticoat: thrifted
shoes: seychelles
sweater clip: gift from husband

I seriously was so surprised at this dress - I love it so much! It's comfortable and fits really well. Plus the green polka dots mean it can work for the holidays, but also other times during the year. I can't wait to wear it some more!

me, acting like a dork in my white fancy coat.

Tell me - have you gotten to dress up fancy for the holidays yet this year? Please share links if you have!


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