Thursday, May 27, 2010

Asos Curve dress FTW!

Last month I ordered from Asos Curve for the first time. I was so inspired by the way that Ms. Definatalie rocked it, I just had to have one :)

So, the dress came in, but I don't really know UK sizing very well, so it was quite a bit too big for me in the top (the bottom, however, fit quite well). Off to the alterations lady for me!

I got it back and it is so awesome! I had to share. Because here, we're all about sharing!

(dumb posing!)

I wore an old gap skirt for fullness/modesty underneath, because this dress is definitely transparent:

With pockets!

Outfit details:
Dress: Asos Curve, UK size 24 (I'm typically a size 18-20W in US dress sizes)
Underskirt: gap, xxl, light pink, years back
boots: lucchese's, from shepler's in austin, men's size 10
necklace: $1 bin, fremont farmer's market

All in all, I think I may order from Asos in the future (sometimes they run free/reduced international shipping promos), but I will definitely order a 22 next time!


mollycolleen said...

Does she take walk-ins, or is she by-appointment-only? (Alterations lady.) I need one! Some of my eShakti stuff came back a smidge large on me.

neffbot said...

She is totally a walk-ins lady, I've never made an appointment. She is so tiny and adorable, and not great with English.

Full disclosure: she did awesome with this dress, but the asos blouse I wanted her to let out didn't come back very good at all. So, ymmv, but I think generally taking things in is easier than letting them out.

I went to an alterations place further north on 15th - (a perfect fit it was called) and she quoted me something crazy like $90 to fix a dress. This dress cost $45 to fix.

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